Kam Pua Noodles at Top Ten Coffee Shop, Jalan Song, Kuching

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Have you ever heard of Kam pua mee? (Kam pua noodles) (mee means noodles) It is quite similar with Kolok mee but the blanched noodle comes with char-siew meat and a small bowl of soup.  You can request for the noodle to be served plain or have chilli and soya sauce mixed into it which was how I liked it . (see photo)

Kam Pua Mee

Kam Pua Mee

Kolok mee comes with minched pork and sometimes char siew meat too but the noodle is more curly. Kam pua mee is straight. If you ask me, I like Kam Pua mee better.

I had Kam Pua mee for breakfast this morning at Top Ten Coffee shop, Jalan Song.

Ah Lin at Her noodle Stall

Ah Lin at Her noodle Stall

The stall owner’s name is Ah Lin. Mind you, she is not a chinese and yet her noodles are delicious.  Most of these noodles are prepared by chinese folks around Kuching city especially foochow as kampua mee  originated from the foochow community.

Look at her smile. When your food is prepared with so much joy and smile,  it will somehow tastes better.

Thumbs up for her!


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Hair Saloon’s Secret of How to Attract Good Luck with Hair Colour

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It is interesting to see how people or businesses are resorting to various creative strategy to pull in businesses in the current economic meltdown. One such creative company is a hair salon which recently came up with the idea that if you have been suffering from bad luck and you needed to turn your luck around, then they have the solution for you. They will calculate your birth number or your “kua” and match it to the hair color with similar number.

If you believe in fengshui and such practices, then you may also believe that your luck could be turned around. I remembered watching on the television program whereby this Feng Shui Master told her audience that they should color their hair to attract better fortune especially during the start of the new year to start things off on better luck.

The hair salon has even categorized their services under main course, toppings, side order, specialties or a mix and match between these categories.

In short, you can have your hair done ala fast food style. The main course is for hair coloring, topping includes highlight, low light and hair extension while a side order refers to hair treatments. Specialties refer to marapy wash which is a combination of massage therapy and hair wash.

If you are in Kuching, you may want to get your hair done at Cutting Edge Hair Saloon at its outlet at The Spring Mall or at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg. Seriously, does this also mean that if the rest of us who chooses not to have our hair colored, will we be attracting misfortune? That is a thought that I leave you with here.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sandy_S_K

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Did Colin Need a Passport to go to Indonesia

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A friend wrote to me after watching the video of Colin and my write up. Here was what he wrote:

“They remind me of the time when I visited there.
Man! I really miss the place.
They make me really want to go back there again.
I wonder, do you need passport to cross between Indonesia and Sarawak like the English man Colin did?

I will glad to meet up your friend and click with them, hahaha… Ivan

Well, Ivan, we never crossed over to Indonesia. We were near the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia. That was why we were able to see the thick lush forests of Kalimantan from Borneo Highland. In fact, while waiting for everyone to get ready to leave, I saw 3 persons coming out of the forests. I asked my friend who those people are and what were they doing emerging out from the forests on Gawai Day. Shouldn’t they be celebrating the festive at home, er.. enjoying themselves and getting high on tuak ?

Here was what she said, “They are actually Indonesians. They crossed over from Kalimantan to here. I asked , so they need to go through the check point right? She said, No, they can just cross over like that without going through the check point. They would come to here to sell their veges or wares. We are usually nice to them because they would also be nice and friendly to us when we go over to their village.

So, that means that there are still places which is not maned by the authorities from both sides to enable those local folks to cross over to the neighbouring country to sell their stocks/veges/wares.

However, please note that if you are a tourists/ of different nationalities, you need a passport to go to Indonesia. Our last trip were within the border of Sarawak.

p.s.: Ivan, my friends went kayaking yesterday. Today, they are going to a waterfall at a nearby place. Sorry you are not here to join them.

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Colin’s Honest View on Borneo

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Here is Colin from London, England being interviewed by me at Simuti Longhouse, Borneo Highland, Sarawak.

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Natural Happiness on Gawai Day

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Monday and Tuesday are public holidays here in Sarawak. I was invited to join a group of “hard core” outdoor adventurers on their trip to visit a friend staying in Borneo Highland longhouse and later to visit a waterfall nearby. There were 15 of us all together with a few backpacker tourists from France, England, and a few expatriates.

It was a 2 hours drive to the long house. We were driving in 3 cars. We were driving from tar road to driving through mud tracks and rocky roads. Our friend, Saloma stays at a wooden house perched at almost the top of the hill. We also brought 2 crates of beer with us. She treated us to some cookies and cakes, barbeque pork, stir fried vermicelli, langkau and tuak ( both are strong rice wine). As we were chatting, I suddenly heard a loud “bang” sound. So I said to my friend, Sim, “Oh! The villagers also play fircrackers in the forest. He laughed and said, “That is a gun going off, someone shooting a wild boar in the forests”. I laughed. That is how most city folks would think. This being a festive season, so most likely the native would play firecrackers for fun like the Chinese as well.


Kitchen in Saloma's house

Kitchen in Saloma's house

Picture above shows a traditional kitchen in Saloma’s house. After a sumptuous lunch, we then head over to a waterfall nearby.

Top of land cruiser ride

Top of land cruiser ride

My adventurous friends decided to be really adventurous and sat on top of the land cruiser along the journey there.

Danny’s wife, Esther loaned me her slippers as it is easier to walk in slippers on the muddy steps than my sandals. She walked bare-foot as she is used to such steps. We walked for 20 minutes on muddy tracks and narrow steps to reach the waterfall. Everyone just jumped into the natural pool upon reaching there, no holds barred.

The water was cooling and refreshing. The waterfall was not a big one but it was a very refreshing one. Yours truly did not get herself wet though as she did not bring extra set of clothing though Sim offered to lend her his black Bermuda shorts. Haha!

After an hour or so of deep water dipping, we then head off to visit Saloma’s friend at a longhouse not far away called Simuti Longhouse bordering Kalimantan Indonesia. Again here, the longhouse here is perched high atop a hill and we had to climb a few hundred wooden steps to reach the longhouse.

Here is a view of archipelago of Indonesia.

football-field-top-of-field After passing through the longhouse, we had to climb more steps to reach a football field located on top of the hill.  Picture shows Collin (from England) walking.Â

Boys and girls were playing football there. As it was a girls’ football game, when the boys join them in a game, they had to wear sarong that covers all the way up to the chest. Don’t ask me why because I won’t know either.Â

We did not join them in the game because Claire needs to catch the 8pm flight to head to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Imagine a football field at a highland on top of the hill. Right beside the football field is Goodnews Church. Its great to see a church planted here so deep inland.Â

We then head back to the car and headed home while a few of us head back to Saloma’s house for more beer.


Watch Colin’s honest view on Borneo >>

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