An Italian’s 21 Days Adventure in Borneo on Motorcross

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In line with the launch of cheap, affordable MASwings Adventure Packages, one of the largest travel agency in Italy, AVVENTURE NEL MONDO has organised their first motor cross riding in Borneo on 10 August 2009. The group comprises of 16 persons, with 10 riders and the other 6 persons being from the media in Italy. Their 21 days tour aptly named “Borneo Raid 2009” started from Kuching, Sarawak into the heart of Borneo and will end in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Avventure Nel Mondo Group in Miri Marriott Hotel

Avventure Nel Mondo Group in Miri Marriott Hotel

The tour leader, Mr Vittorio Kulczycki, who is also the Managing Director of the Italian tour company stated that even though this is his first trip to Sarawak, but he knows very well about Sarawak as all tour leaders who had led a trip to Malaysia were required to write a detailed report of how their trip went. Their company even has a library and various departments to stock information about various places around the world.

This group belongs to a club where members go motorbike crossing the world. Even as the group is on motorbike crossing in Borneo island with the distance covered being around 4000km, there are 2 other groups doing motorbike crossing in South Africa and another 2 such adventure groups in South America with the distance covered being 6000-7000 kms.

The group’s destinations are:

10th Aug – From Kuching city to Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Park to see the feeding of the wild orang utans. Then proceed to Lemanak Iban Longhouse. The bike will reach across the river of the Longhouse. Traditional dances and gong music were performed during the evening and the group stayed overnight there.

11th Aug – Head off to Sibu. In the evening, visit the night market and the Pagoda temple, Pulau Babi wharf etc.

12th Aug – Flag off to Bintulu before proceeding to Similijau National park. Overnight at the Park Chalet and BBQ with camp fire at the beach.

13th Aug – From Sibu enroute to Long Bedian Kayan longhouse. Stop at Long Lama town for lunch. Then continue journey to Long Bedian and overnight at the longhouse and be entertained by Kayan traditional dances.

14th Aug – Head towards Tenjok Rimba Forest Reserve. Checked in at the chalet and go trekking . There is a nice river, “Tenyok river ” beside the chalet and 7 waterfalls. Then night walk to look for nocturnal animals.

15th Aug – Flag off to Long Seang Penan settlement which would take 2 hours of riding through the logging road. The group would then trek with the Penan guide into the forest looking for the nomadic tribe ” The Penan” and return late in the afternoon to Tenyok Rimba Forest Reserve.

16th Aug- Trek to Bukit Song and ended up at Hornbill waterfall where the group would be able to see many hornbills and return late in the afternoon to Tenyok Rimba Forest Reserve.

17th Aug – Flag off to Long Terawan longhouse to catch the longboat to Mulu National Park. Then take the plankwalk to visit Deer and Lang’s Cave and wait for the evening bat flight and return late in the afternoon to Park HQ

18th Aug: Go by boat to the source of the clearwater River. Visit Wind and Clearwater Cave Then return to park HQ and take the canopy walk (the longest in the world)

19th Aug – By boat to Long Terawan and then by bike to Miri.

20st Aug -Drive to Brunei for city tour in the afternoon by motorbike. Then head off to Limbang.

21nd Aug – Ride to Kota Kinabalu ( 7-8 hrs) and stop at Beaufort. Then overnight at Kota Kinabalu.

22rd Aug – Head to Kinabalu Park and take the nature trail and in the afternoon. Visit Poring Hot Spring.

23th Aug – Head to Sandakan to visit Sepilok Orang Utan centre to see the feeding of the wild orang utans in the afternoon and stayed overnight at Sepilok Jungle Resort.

24th Aug – Depart to Sukau and check in at Bilit lodge and go for cruise in the evening to see the Proboscis monkey and other wildlife animals.

25th Aug – Head to Semporna and overnight there.

26th Aug – Proceed to Mabul island.

27th Aug – Return to Semporna and head off to Maliau base camp and overnight there.

Observation Tower at Maliau Basin

Observation Tower at Maliau Basin

28th Aug – Head back to Kota Kinabalu stopping at Keningau for lunch. Proceed to Kota Kinabalu.

29th Aug – Free leisure .

30th Aug – Group depart to Kuala Lumpur at 6.50 pm.

This trip will expose the group to the various culture of Sarawak and Sabah as well as the uniqueness of Borneo island and the various flora and fauna, caves and mountain that can only be found here. Once they have completed their 21 days journey, they will depart back to Italy on 30 August 2009 and ship back their motorbikes by cargo. This will be the first of many future motorcross riding from Sarawak to Sabah.

I am sure they will bring back with them many exciting, adventurous and fond memories of Borneo Island.

Check out their article report in their Italian Motorcross magazine here:

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Amazing Mulu Caves, Sarawak

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Below is an Honest Unbiased view of Mulu Caves

These magnificent caves are the main attraction in northern Sarawak, a Malaysian state in Borneo. The caves, nestled deep in the thick tropical jungle, were discovered by chance in the 1970’s by a local hunter. They boast the world’s largest cave passage, the world’s largest natural chamber and the longest cave in Southeast Asia. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna and the world famous caves, the Mulu National Park offers visitors an exhilarating jungle and cave experience that is unrivalled.

Four caves are open to the public. The walk from the park headquarters takes visitors over elevated planks through the jungle, allowing visitors a fantastic view of this dark green world. The first cave is Lang’s Cave, a breathtaking cave with amazing stalactite formations. Then there’s the Wind Cave, known for its cool breeze and strange calcite formations. A short distance away is the Clearwater Cave, an impressive cave that is reputed to be Southeast Asia’s longest (with 107 kilometers of passages). The cave derives its name from the crystal-clear water of the river that runs through it; with a diameter of up to 30 meters, this is one of the largest underground river passages known. The most awesome of the four caves is undoubtedly Deer Cave. The immense dimensions of this cave is difficult to describe or to film. With a length of 2 kilometers, a width of 170 meters and a height of 120 meters, this is the largest cave passage in the world. It is an awe-inspiring experience to walk through the cave from one end to another. The cave is so enormous, it houses its own little eco-system replete with hills, valleys, creeks, forests and swamps. The cave is also home to millions of bats who fly out in a single stream each day at 6pm in search of food; a spectacular sight that lasts about an hour from head to tail!

If you do plan a visit to this park, the easiest way to get there is a short 20-minute flight from the town of Miri. The best part about the flight is if weather permits, the pilot obliges the passengers with a low swoop over the stunning Pinnacles, a series of jagged limestone spikes, some 45 meters tall, that protrude majestically from the flanks of Mount Api. A truly amazing sight!

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