Are you confirmed for AirAsia flight?

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This weekend is the weekend and what are your plans for the weekend?

For those planning to travel, a long weekend is a good time tobring family away to nearby destinations. Malaysia now has the zoom Malaysia and soon to be revised to Magic holiday packages, that gives you low rate cost to travel and with extra cash left for shopping.

Have you booked your flights early? I remembered the other day when I was in Kota Kinabalu and supposed to be catching the next flight to Tawau enroute to Sipadan island. if you want to book last minute for the next immediate flight to the next destination, it may not be so easy. I was anxious to catch the next flight to Tawau. Sales counter told me the flight was full. the Airasia officer told me to go to the check in counter and queue. After queueing up for half hour, the check in counter officer told me all seats are full and she could not attend to my needs until the counter is closed and ONLY then she can let me know if there are any available seat.

Imagine if someone is on an urgent mission at the next destination, to be told that she cannot be on standby nor waiting list but just wait like a lame duck, is not very comforting. so, i had no choice but to wait until all passengers with tickets have checked through and the counter’s Check in sign was switched off, then i approached the officer again and was given a seat. When I boarded the plane, guess what? there were still around 5 empty seats. did these 5 persons booked but failed to show up?

Was all that earlier stress necessary?

AirAsia should revamp their booking system then. No point giving low travel fare but poor booking system.  Passengers should be able to travel yes, if with a budget airline but with ease of mind.

What is the lesson for the rest of us, passengers? Book early ! If you are not sure if you can get a seat but want to try your luck anyway, have an alternative ready.

Have a great weekend!

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