The Must Try Ikan Terubok Dish

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One of Sarawak’s most popular must buy is Terubok Fish. The Malays call it ikan terubok. The Chinese call it chi kat because the fish has many bones. this fish is VERY POPULAR with the Malays from West malaysia but not as popular with the Malaysian chinese in Malaysia as both races have their own cooking style. for me, i am not exactly fond of this fish because it has many small bones.


Last week, I was at this restaurant called, See Good and for a table of 6, we ordered one ikan terubok  and had it deep fried. It was a huge one. Deep fried , and then had soya sauce sprinkled over it generously. It think it was almost 2.5 kgs.

Its scale is still on it . we had to squeeze droplets of lemon on it before we eat it for that soury taste of the lemon on the juicy taste of the fish. We ate it with its scale on it. and Guess What? i liked it so much because the bones and scales were crunchy that I ate quite a fair bit of it , its scale and its bones all in.


The fish cost us rm60. Expensive huh? I thought the fish was expensive. Well, I was at the market today and I saw that the fish can be bought for only rm18 per kg.

I seldom eat this type of fish. I once choked on a double edged fish bone. Someone even brought me to a temple to get myself prayed over and given some water to drink which supposedly had the power to dissolve the bone. I waited and waited and nothing happened. So after 4 hours of waiting and still nothing happened, I went to a clinic and had an experienced doctor to pull out the bone from my throat.

Boy! Was I careful when I eat fish after that. This fish is very popular all right with the Malays especially from west Malaysia. They deep fried it and the bones become crispy and you just bite on the fish bone and eat it. If you steam it, you will be spending your time picking and pulling out the bones from the flesh.

Go check it out! Go to a restaurant that serves this fish and have it deep fried! You will love it after a while. Of course, again, it depends on the expertise of the chef,. If he is good at cooking, the fish would taste delicious.

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