Delicious Home Cook food with Homestay in a Secret Garden

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Recently I was cruising around Kampung Siol Kandis looking for an Orchid Café that everyone has been talking about. I heard that their Nasi Goreng Kerabu (originated from Kelantan) is a “to die for” and a must try.

Upon reaching the lush garden café, I was greeted by the owner, Kak Rom, a personable and affable lady. She led me through a small path that goes through a garden that is filled with orchids and lush green shrubs. Her little café is surrounded by flower garden and the landscaping being done by Kak Rom herself.

I glanced through the menu and saw that they serve some of my favourite dishes here, nasi lemak, penang assam laksa and the much talked about Nasi Goreng Kerabu Kelantan. I had ice lemon tea and nasi goring kerabu Kelantan. This is the first time I tried nasi goring keraqbu Kelantan though I have tried nasi kerabu in Kuala Lumpur before. I must say, this dish is really delicious. After you have eaten this nasi goring kerabu, all other type of fried rice, be it yong-chow fried rice, nasi goring kampong or nasi goring ikan bilis or even nasi goring special will all pale in comparison to this nasi goring kerabu. It is the taste of the herbs that has been stir fried together with the rice that makes the taste so special. According to Kak Rom, the herbs are planted in her garden. She planted several type of herbs in her garden. I call it the secret garden because it seemed so hidden away in Kampung Siol Kandis.

After tucking in to a luscious meal, I ventured around her secret garden. She has several chalets and cottages built around her garden for homestay. Her house is just beside the garden.

Imagine waking up in the morning to the melody of birds singing and be surrounded by a garden instead of the sound of traffic in the city. You walk a few steps down towards the café and be served with her hot homemade breakfasts. Then off you go venturing into the cat city.

Come back in the evening and be greeted by the smell of good food cooking. Have a scrumptious dinner and then relax away in the evening with a karaoke session or get a lift to the Food Centre just a few minutes drive from her place. The food centre is located just beside the Sarawak River, right opposite The Waterfront in the city. That is where Grand Margherita Hotel is located. You need to take a sampan to get to the waterfront from this side of the village. Enjoy a giant glass of teh tarik while taking in the surrounding scenery.

I like this homestay because Kak Rom is an easy going person and also because the homestay is located away from city. It is great for a quiet relaxing time. Kak Rom has different rates for her homestay cottage according to their size.

Go check them out. I am sure you wont be disappointed and remember to order Kak Rom’s famous Nasi Goreng Kerabu!

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Sour Brinjal or Terung Dayak

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Sour Brinjal, or better known as Terung Dayak, is a kind of plant that is edible. It is yellow colour and is round . it is popular amoung the locals for cooking sour dishes like assam sour fish, sour soup and etc.When the locals cook it, they like to put chilli into the boiling soup, you get a sour and spicy taste at the same time.

Sarawak Unique Sour Brinjal

Sarawak Unique Sour Brinjal

You cannot find it anywhere else except in Sarawak or perhaps Sabah too. I did not think much of it until I had dinner with a West Malaysian friend the other night. She commented that she has never tried the sour brinjal and was rather intrigued with it. As we grew up eating those vegetables, we do not think much of it. So when she brought up the issue, I decided to share with the world the unique vegetables that can be found in our backyard.


Terung Dayak Tree at Ps Daniel's front yard

so when you visit Sarawak on your next trip, do remember to buy some home or just try the vegetables in a restaurant. I will try to find a recipe for you SOON!

This is indeed a unique Sarawak vegetables found only in Borneo!

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