Denver’s verdict on Sarawak Election 2011

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Sarawak, one of the richest state in Malaysia and full of natural resources and deeply entrenched culture that can only be found here. Something is heating up in Sarawak, with a cost of RM50million of taxpayers’ money. That is the long awaited Sarawak Election scheduled on 16 April 2011.

With the Sarawak Election just around the corner, the fight is getting tougher with the ruling party and opposition party hurling accusations at each other through cyber war or through the media but who is going to admit guilt of their doings.The current ruling party disseminates their information through while the opposition disseminates their information with evidence through So, it is vs.

So, who are we going to believe? Who are we going to support and vote for? Who will I be voting for? Shhhhhh… It is a secret! 🙂

Recently I came across this heart warming video of Denver who had to admit guilt to his master.sheriff for his wrongdoing.

If you are wrong, then just admit it and say Sorry! Blogs and netizens are saying, wow! Why did Sarawakians let the ruling party RULE for so long, 30 long dog gone years? so here, it is like Macy ( the gal in the video with the red scarf let Denver ( the white fella) got into the kitty treats. hahaha! Who are you to question us! 😉

But with the Election 2011 Sarawak, you will forever be seen as the super hero “if you are elected that is” as the chosen leader to lead this rich state to greater heights with every citizens having a share in the pie of our natural resources and towards betterment of mankind!

It seems top guns from West Malaysia will be coming to lend their support for the ruling party but then again, if they have never landed before in Sarawak and coming here to support their comrades just for the election, will Sarawakians be swayed by their sincerity?

With the election 2011 coming and just days away, hotels and transport company are bound to do roaring business. Hotels will be fully booked and cars will be fully rented out. If you are planning to come to Kuching for holiday, it is best to book early lest you will be disappointed.

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The brief reminiscence of once upon a time beginning in 1841, Kuching was a fabled place of romance ruled by the
White Rajahs for 100 years. It has changed with time and declared a city in 1986.
Places of interest include:
> A panoramic view of Kuching City from top of Civic Centre Tower;
> visiting the renowned Sarawak Museum;
> a drive passing by the gigantic Cat Monument;
> a glimpse of the Kuching South City Hall;
> then driving through China Town;
> the business centre – “Golden Triangle of Kuching”;
> Sarawak’s oldest Taoist Temple and award-winning Catholic Church.
> Take a loop to Satok’s area passing through Malay Village;
> old State Mosque (with 5 golden domes);
> then proceed to Sarawak Pottery Factory.

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Chinese Farm House, Malay Stilted House, Melanau Tall House, Penan Hut, and Longhouses of the Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu.
The tour ends with a 45 minutes Cultural Performance in the theatre, performed by various ethnic groups.

Day 3
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Kayan Kenyah Tribe with their Sape Music

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I came across this Kayan Kenyah Tribe with their Sape Music .

This is a screen shot. go to the red link below to check them out!


Go check them out and enjoy the Music !

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