Kembayau fruit, Cousin of Dabai found only in Borneo

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Kembayau Fruit

Kembayau Fruit

Kembayau is a fruit found in Borneo and are cousins to dabai-local olives found mostly in Borneo Sarawak.
Although the colour of the skin of both fruits are black, there is a subtle difference between these two fruits-whereby the dabai’s flesh is thicker, more milky and delicious in taste. As for Kembayaus, the flesh is much thinner and sour in taste and they are less popular. In fact, I have never heard of it until recently.

In Sarawak, Kembayaus are less popular because they seldom appear in market as their supply is scarce and are quickly grabbed by customers, if sold in market. Kembayaus are sold cheaper compared to Dabai’s due to the latter’s popularity and good taste.

Dabais are more expensive and are sold between RM18 to RM20 per kilogramme while Kembayaus are sold between RM8 to RM10 per kilogramme.

Usually Kembayaus are the last fruit to appear and is an indication that the season for dabai and other local seasonal fruits are over. With the existence of Kembayaus sold in markets, it would meant that dabai would not be around until the next season.

The method to prepare them is simple, after we have cleaned the fruit, it will be soaked in a container of warm water until it is soft. Water is then poured away and it will be mixed with salt or soya bean sauce and ready to eat.
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Talang Satang National Park a sanctuary for endangered turtles

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SEMATAN: The turtle adoption and conservation programme carried out by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) at the Talang Satang National Park was to conserve the population of the Green Turtle species (Chelonia mydas).

National Park caretaker Tonny Ganyer said the three turtle islands where the turtle conservation was being carried out – Pulau Talang Besar, Pulau Talang Kecil and Pulau Satang Besar – provide a perfect sanctuary for turtles to come ashore and lay eggs.

“The Green Turtles are fast becoming an endangered species due to predators in the sea and sea gulls as well as the danger posed by human, like fishing and beach activities,” he said after a briefing on turtle conservation and research in Pulau Talang Besar here.

He said last year about 3,000 turtles had landed on the shores of the three islands to lay about 200,000 eggs, between the months of March to September.

A major reason why marine turtles throughout the world are in danger is the continuing loss of nesting habitat and it is believed that marine turtles have an extremely high
affinity for their nesting beaches, and therefore the loss or reduction of even a single nesting beach can have serious effects.

Tonny Ganyer said the SFC welcomed nature and environment lovers to participate in the conservation programme by spreading information on the importance of the eco-system and conservation of marine life, especially turtles.

“Anyone interested can apply to SFC which has its headquarters in Kuching and they can be with us for a few days to know the details,” he said.

He added that the survival rate of turtles was critically low since from 1,000 hatched turtles, only one can survive until the adult stage.

All types of turtles are listed as protected species, he said. — Bernama

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Best Sarawak Tribal Food at Absolute Tribal Restaurant Kuching

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Bitter Gourd with Prawn

Bitter Gourd with Prawn

Are you planning to have lunch with your colleagues at some fancy restaurant without putting out too much dough? Well there is such a place, located on the Upper Ground Floor of Hills Shopping Mall. The restaurant offers local and Thai fusion cuisines; one of the best Kuching has to offer while not leaving a tear to your wallet. With RM15, you get to experience 5-star buffet-lunch here.
The restaurant offers a wide range of food for their buffet lunch. First on the menu to try out is the Thai Mungbean Salad, which is a mix of mung beans, onions and fresh shrimp that is sure to whet your appetite with its combination of sweet and sour flavour.

Second in line is the White Tom Yam Chicken, with fresh bite sized chicken with nice hot tom yam, using fresh ingredients such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili peppers that is sour and spicy, will surely keep your appetite going.
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

If you like veges, there is also stir fried vege with prawn. Green broccoli, carrots fried together with medium sized prawns will be a rare treat. Tagging along is the fried nam bean curd, which taste delightful along its thick and tasty gravy.

Next is the native inspired Pansoh Chicken, cooked in bamboo to impart the distinct, delicate flavor to the chicken and is best served with rice. If you love fish, Fish Fillet Thai Soya Sauce would be a real treat, a simple recipe of fresh fish fillet cooked in Thai soya sauce that will give you delicious yet elegant feel.

To go along with the main dishes are the Tribal Style Fried Rice and Thai Fried Kueh Teow to go along with the main dishes.

Last but not least are the deserts, mainly consist of sago dessert, wide range of assorted fruits and Lemon Mint Drink. The buffet lunch is available from12 to 2.30pm.
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