Fairy Cave in Bau, Sarawak

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Fairy Caves and the Wind Caves near Bau Town in Sarawak are one of the must see places in Kuching, Sarawak. If you are into nature, these limestone cave would really interest you.

The Fairy Cave Kuching Sarawak is about 45km from the Kuching city centre and a 45minutes drive will get you there if you know the way. Folks here are friendly enough to show you the directions.
The Fairy Cave is roughly 8km away from the nearest town called Bau is a former gold mining town in the 1850s. There are hardly any road signs leading to this place, so just drive all to way to Bau town, from there you will see a sign that says Gua Kapor, which is the cave’s name in Malay. If you see a sign that says Tasik Biru or Blue Lake, you’re at the right direction. The Fairy Cave is located in the Bukit Kapor area. It was formed some 100-150 million years ago. There will be a mini mart just before the turning into Fairy Cave; you may want to stop here to get bottled water as there are no other stops after this. There are comfortable toilets made available at the base of Fairy Cave.
You will know when you reach Fairy Cave because there will be roughly 4-5 flights of stairs leading to the mouth of the cave. There used to be an old stairway that is no longer in use on the right hand side of the entrance. There are no entrance fee leading  to Fairy Cave Bau. The only “price” you’ll be paying is the steep walk up stairways. Do wear comfortable walking shoes and proper hiking attire as the floor and stairway area can be wet and very slipery.
Do bring torchlights along too as there will be area where you will be climbing up stairs in total darkness. Just after the mouth of the Fairy Cave, you’ll be going through a narrow tunnel that has a stair upwards. If you’re claustrophobic, you will be afraid at this point. Once you pass this tunnel, you’ll start seeing bright light that shines through the Fairy Cave’s roof.
Fairy statue at Fairy Cave, Bau

Fairy statue at Fairy Cave, Bau

You must be wondering why they called this the Fairy Cave. At the peak of the stairs, You will get the answer. There is this Fairy Statue in the cave that droplets of water from the cave ceilings on it’s head and it is believed to be holy water. Eventually the point where the water drops is no longer directly on the Fairy Statue’s head, but a few feet away. You will also see figure of Guan Yin, which is a Chinese Goddess of Mercy that is mystically formed on the rocks. Other figures are also visible and do not be surprised to see burnt incense stick and prayer materials all around the cave.
In the Fairy Cave, you will be able to hear the loud noise by bats. At the peak of the Fairy Cave, you’ll feel a cool breeze.
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