U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill

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The U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill in Song Plaza, Jalan Song Kuching is the latest happening eatery in town. This restaurant offers a good selection of fresh seafood such as crabs, fish and prawns, a wide variety of vegetables and meat for customers to steam or as they like. These delightful varieties of food are lined up at the counter where you would make your selection before proceeding to cook them in the steamer and grill provided at each table.


Apart from the fresh food on offer, U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill also offers a selection of fried food such as fried rice and noodles for you to choose from. If you are a bit hungry while waiting for your food to be cooked, you can have a little portion of rice or noodle beforehand!

One notable feature of U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill is that it uses special heat-tolerant crystal barbecue plate made from natural quartz mineral to grill the food. You would grill your food on the heat-tolerant crystal barbeque plate. Instead of using oil to heat up the plate, you will pour water over the plate. The plate will then turns orangey red and be ready to grill any food. That method in itself is very interesting which definitely makes your grilling experience an unforgettable one.


You don’t even have to use butter or oil to cook the food on the grill. The radiation that the heated crystal plate generates is able to kill harmful bacteria and remove any unsightly odours. This makes for a much healthier dining environment without the smoke usually associated with restaurants of this type.


If you are steaming your selection of food, you can either cook your food with either tomyam or chicken soup. This gives you a wider choice on how to prepare your food.

You also can choose from several types of dip to accompany your food ranging from soya sauce with chilli to the fiery sambal sauce.

U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill offer a free flow of soft drinks, hot drinks, ice-creams and desserts. This restaurant serves desserts such as the cool and refreshing ais kacang and ais jagung. There is also a good selection of fresh fruits such as watermelons and papayas.

You have an option of dining indoor in an air-conditioned room or outdoor while enjoying the fresh air. As U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill is located on the second floor, you can have a good view of the people passing by if you opt for outdoor dining.

The undoubtedly unique U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill opens from 5.30pm till 11pm on weekdays. On weekends it opens from 11.30am till 2pm and 5.30pm till 11pm. You would only need to pay around RM29.90 per adult and RM16 for a child between 2 to 9 years old. The good news is that if you’re 60 years old and above you’ll get 25% discount. This is indeed a real value for money after considering what is on offer here. If you go there on your birthday, you’ll only have to pay half-price.

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