Tanjung Datu National Park Sarawak

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Ever felt what is it like to have a beach all to yourself? Or maybe a journey to an island rich in flora and fauna. Achieve it all with a trip to Tanjung Datu National Park in Sarawak. Tanjung Datu National Park is located on an island at the tip of Sarawak. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach there from Kuching to Sematan by car. The 2 hour journey might bore some of you but fear not, the end results would be breath taking.

Journey on with MASWings to Kuching and experience a trip that you have never felt before.

view at Tanjung Datu National Park, Sarawak

view at Tanjung Datu National Park, Sarawak

image courtesy of www.sarawakforestry.com

Tanjung Datu National Park which is located in Sematan, is one of Sarawak’s smallest national park but it is also one of the most beautiful of them all. To get to the park from Sematan, you are required to use a boat which takes around 45 minutes from the seaside village. The first part of the journey which is the boat ride will probably get you asking for more. During the boat ride, you could see the crystal clear water and patches of coral reef in the sea and if you are lucky, you could even see dolphins and turtles passing by.

Upon reaching to the island, you will be greeted with the long stretch of white sand on the beach. The undisturbed environment would mean that you could see lots of different plants and animals on your trip there. Walk along the beach or trek in the forest. Either one of this activity won’t be disappointing. Trekking in the forests at Tanjung Datu will give you the opportunity to see wildlife such as hornbills, peacocks, primates and other various animals and different species. There are also a few species of reptiles such as the tree lizards, pit vipers and tree snakes.

Tanjung Datu National Park have always preserved their wildlife and one of the contribution that they made is by establishing a turtle hatchery for the marine turtles that regularly lay their eggs on the island. This is to protect the newly laid eggs from predators such as pigs, monitor lizards and snakes. Aside from wildlife, the national park is also filled with interesting plants such as the night-blooming Putat tree, Umbrella Palms and Strangling Figs. The Putat tree is a really unusual and must see tree because it produces large pink and white flowers during the night. Enjoying the view of the beach in the morning would also allow you to see the Sea Morning Glory decorating the beach area.

The Tanjung Datu National Park is a must go place if you are interested in having a peaceful getaway with yourself or your family and friends. The serene environment will release all your stress and problems away. A perfect relaxation after all the hard work that you had done over the years.

Enjoy the wildlife, enjoy the beach, enjoy the serenity, and enjoy life. Book your tickets with MASWings to Kuching at www.maswings.com.my now and let the journey begin.

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Lambir Hills National Park Miri Sarawak

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Tired of the same thing over and over again? Same cars, same buildings, same shops? Or perhaps you have forgotten the smell of freshness, the quiet surrounding, the sounds of only you and nature? Then it is time for an adventure with MASWings and fly to Miri, Sarawak.

Lambir Hills National Park in Miri is a small park compromising of 17,180 acres of mixed dipterocarp forest with some small areas of heath forest. It is a well decorated park with a number of animal and plant lives. With a nice surrounding, such as waterfalls and tall trees, this is a place to go if you are seeking for a nice relaxing day or even for a short trekking.

Lambir Hills waterfall

Lambir Hills waterfall

Lambir Hills National Parks’ mixed dipterocarp rainforest contains the greatest biodiversity in tree species compared to othe national parks in Malaysia. It is also possibly the richest forest in the world. The trees in the park will make those who walk the trail feel small as the trees are huge in that area. The most number of trees that could be seen in the park is the Dipterocarpaceae species. Lambir Hills National Park is the last patch of dipterocarp forest left in Sarawak as the trees are often logged elsewhere. The Tapang tree is the tallest tress in the national park as it could grow to more than 80 meters in height. Another interesting plant to see in the national park is the Macaranga. Macaranga is a plant that forms a relationship with ants where the ants live inside the plants’ stem to protect it from other herbivorous insects.

Lambir Hills has a number of trails to choose from and all those trails are interconnected therefore it is posibble to walk a few number of trails in a day. The shortest trail in the park is the Latak Waterfall trail. It is also the easiest and most popular trail for families as the waterfall is a nice place to have a family picnic. The pool from the waterfall is safe for swimming however, it is quite deep so those who can’t swim and small children should take precaution.

Stream at Lambir Hills in Miri Sarawak

Stream at Lambir Hills in Miri Sarawak

The Pantu, Bukit Pantu and Pantu Waterfall Trails are all branches of the same trail. The Pantu Trail is located to the left shortly before the Latak Waterfall. It offers a walk up steep steps and then downward through a dense forest to the Nibong waterfall. The Bukit Pantu Trail is further along the trail located on the right and the Pantu Waterfall Trail is located on the left. A number of other trails such as the Summit trail are further along the Pantu Waterfall Trail. Each of these different trails will give you a different experience and views. Lambir Hills National Park also offers a number of harder trails for serious trekkers.

The trails in Lambir Hills National Park will not only let you enjoy trekking thru the forest, but it also gives you the opportunity to view different species of plants and animals. Birdwatchers should be on the lookout for 237 species of birds in the park. There are also different kinds of mammals such as flying squirrels, different types of monkeys and various species of deer to look for.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your gears, free yourself. Book your tickets to Miri with www.maswings.com and get ready to be free.

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