7 Tips to Protect our travel documents when we go holiday

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Nowadays with the cheap or low cost airline that seems to fly to every destination around the world, it has only encouraged us to travel even more.

Being a tourist in an overseas or foreign land, we must make sure that we take care of our personal belongings especially our passport, credit cards, debit card and our cash especially.

So here below are 7 steps for us to take note of:

1) Before we travel, we must scan or take a photo of our passports (inside front page), and then email to our own email so that we would have access to it in case we lose our passports. Of course, the best way besides this is to commit to memory our passport numbers and details.


2) The first thing to do if we lose our passport in a foreign land is to lodge a police report, and then call our embassy to get a temporary documents so that we can leave the country.

3) It is also good that we inform our family members that we have arrived at a new destination, and which hotel we will be staying. Give them our local mobile number. You never know when things might happen and our loved ones back home needs to know where we are and that we are safe, eg. If there is an earthquake for example.

4) Credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards are our best friend when we travel. My advise here again is to commit to memory the banking cards number when we travel, and to also scan the front and back and email to ourselves in PDF for record purposes and for retrieval when we needed them.

Credit card

5) We must also inform our credit card banks that we would be at which country on which date on holiday. Some banks are strict and may block us if there is a transaction done overseas for fear of fraud.

6) There are also those waist pouch that we can buy and wear inside our shirt. So we keep our travel documents safe from pickpocket.

7) For me, I always keep my documents inside my luggage bag, and all zipped up and locked while I go out sightseeing. There is the fear that I may lose my documents or cash while outing. So if I am travelling long distance, do not buy cheap luggages but buy those of good quality and sturdy ones as after all, it is better to keep your belongings safe than  go missing later.

Well, I hope the 7 tips above are useful for you on your next trip overseas.

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