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Coffee Obsession? Or to put it correctly, coffee addict?

Well, there is a new café in Kuching called Coffee Obsession for all those coffee addicts out there. Its address is at 29, 1st floor, Kueh Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 18, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak.

Ground Floor Banner of Coffee Obsession Kuching

Ground Floor Banner of Coffee Obsession Kuching

Coffee Obsession opened just this year. We gather the owner must have taken some risks by opening the café on 1st floor instead of ground floor but kudos to him or her, patrons are still willing to walk up the few steps to eat and drink there.

The café actually comprised of 2 shoplots. The ambience of the place is rather cozy. Strings of light bulbs hang from the ceiling. Magazines are stacked neatly at book shelves and racks on the wall for your reading pleasure.

The place is filled with long and square smaller wooden tables and chairs. Long table is good for big group to sit together or if there was not enough space, sitting together along a long table allows the patrons to make new friends.

The moment I entered the door, I was greeted with the smell of freshly brewed coffee floating in the air. It was both intoxicating and electrifying. It gives you a positive feel.

I have read somewhere that real estate agents in USA used to fill the house with the aroma of coffee for the house that they intend to rent out or sell because when the buyers come and see the house, the smell of coffee floating in the air gives the feeling that the house is cozy and warm, hence worth the investment.

The place is uniquely designed with a warm and cozy feel. The design sure appeals to yuppies and young working adults as we saw that most of the patrons are in their 20s onwards.

To order your food and drinks, you would need to queue at the counter, pay, be given a number and then food will be served to your table. Their menu is only 1 page. Various types of latte, cappuccino, frappucino, tea are available. As for food, they have seafood paella, creamy cheese linguine, sandwiches, salads, cakes etc.

Here is my review of their drinks and food:

Lemon with Ginger tea: RM8, 6 / 10

It was a big cup with a teabag of lemon with ginger dipped into hot water. Well, I am of the opinion that the café can make it more special by adding a small slice of lemon or ginger into the tea for that extra touch. After all, you are charging me RM8 for a cup of tea.

Mocha coffee: 6.5 / 10

Mocha being a combination of chocolate syrup and a shot of espresso, topped with steamed milk and a layer of micro-foam.

Okay, I will be honest of why I made a second trip to this café. It was because as the photos below showed you, I was impressed with their artwork on the hot drinks.

Mocha Coffee at different visits

Mocha Coffee at different visits

However, see the second photo Trip 2, as you can see, the artwork were not consistent. Perhaps a junior barrista made my drink.

Taste wise was well, creamy with coffee taste obviously. A bit sweet to my liking though. I will give it a 6.5 / 10

Chocolate Truffle Cake: 5 / 10

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Whilst displayed, it looked sinfully tempting and yummy. We ordered a slice but we found it a bit dry and hard. Not to mention it was too sweet too. Chocolatey Yes. The cake should be a bit more moist and a little less sweet and it would taste good. Needless to say, between the 2 of us, we did not finish the cake as it was not to our liking.

Creamy Penne with peas and ham: 5/ 10

Pasta with peas and ham

Pasta with peas and ham

This pasta dish needs to have more cream to coat the pasta. Make it more creamy by adding a bit more water. Then it would taste better. The cream was not enough to coat the pasta. Taste wise it could be improved.

Chicken quiche: 8 / 10

Chicken Quiche

Chicken Quiche

It was delicious, tasty and just enough saltiness.

Egg tart: 8 / 10

It was warm and delicate as it should be. It was also sweet, soft, smooth and satisfying. The texture inside was buttery and just right. The crust was crispy.

In conclusion, the café may need to improve on their food and their artwork on the coffee needs to be consistent in terms of design so as not to disappoint customers . The café is a good place for a group of coffee addict friends to hang out and have fun. Keep it up.

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