Bumbu Cabe, a Sundanese restaurant in Kuching

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Kuching lately has seen an increase of halal restaurants popping up all over the city. Now Muslims can have variety of options for eating out.

This is what we thought when we stumble across the new Sundanese restaurant at ICOM Square. The name of the restaurant is Bumbu Cabe. It is located at ICOM Square, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak. ‘Bumbu’ generally means seasoning, and it can be spice mixtures, sauces or seasoning pastes while ‘cabe’ stands for chilli.

We were brought to our seats upon entering and the staffs were very helpful in assisting us to order as it was our first time eating there. There were several dishes displayed at the counter, and you could pick and choose the dishes and let the staff know so they could serve it for you. When we had chosen several dishes, we returned to our seats while the staffs heat up the food and sent it to our table when they were done.


Bumbu Cabe during lunch time

Bumbu Cabe during lunch time


We were also served a plate of ‘lalab’, a Sundanese raw vegetable salad served with 4 types of sambal for free. These 4 sambals have their own unique taste and might be a bit spicy for some people.

Lalab, a Sundanese raw vegetable salad served with 4 types of sambal

Lalab, a Sundanese raw vegetable salad served with 4 types of sambal

Free sambals at the counter

Free sambals at the counter

During our visit there, we ordered a glass of Ice Honey Lemon and a glass of Soda Gembira which when translated to mean “Happy Soda” and one of the mocktail known to Indonesian. It contained soda water, condensed milk, and red rose flavoured syrup. We also ordered nasi liwet (rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices) with salted egg, plain white rice, ayam bakar kecap (roasted chicken with soy sauce), tumis kacang buncis (stir fried pole beans) and bala bala (deep fried vegetable fritters).

The nasi liwet tasted like nasi lemak; our very own coconut milk rice, though the fried anchovies and salted eggs were nice addition to it. We liked the bala bala very much. Even though the ayam bakar kicap tasted a bit sweet, and the tumis kacang buncis is a bit oily, we still enjoyed all the food, accompanied by soft Indonesian instrumental music.

Bumbu Cabe

Besides that, they also serve ikan gurame terbang (literally means ‘flying gurame fish’), ayam Bumbu Cabe (the restaurant’s special chicken dish), ayam kremes (crunchy fried chicken), ayam bumbu Bali (chicken fried with Nusantara spices), terung balado (eggplants with chilli sauce), cumi cabe ijo (fried squid with green chillies), sambal kacang teri (fried groundnuts in chilli sauce), gepuk sapi (fried beef dish), rujak buah (fruit salad mixed with spicy peanut sauce), karedok (raw vegetable salad in peanut sauce), kentang mustofa (deep fried potato strips with chilli sauce), and many other dishes.

 Dishes at Bumbu Cabe  20160506_125012
 20160506_125119  20160506_125644

Each dish has the price per portion displayed next to them. You can estimate how many portions and the total price of your food based on the displayed price as the dishes are a bit pricey.

The ambience of the restaurant is also quite nice. The walls looked like the traditional leaf mat, and the owner said he painted it himself, and it took him about 2 months! They have indoor and outdoor seating area. The indoor area design was inspired by traditional Indonesian house, with wooden furniture, bamboo baskets to display the food, and traditional Indonesian music playing in the background. The outdoor area has several low tables that look like Japanese style dining table, but instead of sitting on the floor, they have long benches around the table.

 20160506_125347  20160506_125342

Our verdict:

Taste: 8/10

Price: 6/10

Ambience: 9/10

So, if you wish to try out their dishes, head over to their restaurant at ICOM Square or at CityOne Mall, Jalan Song, Kuching. You can also book in advance as the place can be quite crowded during lunch and dinner time. They are closed on Sundays.

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