Is there really a Lemang made in China?

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Lemang is a very popular delicacy among the Iban tribe here in Borneo. Its history has it that it is actually a traditional food that originated from Indonesia, and was brought to Malaysia and Singapore. We were very surprised to see lemang being sold in China too.

Lemang Sarawak

Lemang Sarawak

Lemang is a delicacy that is made from glutinous rice, and coconut milk, with salt added for taste. Once all the ingredients are poured into the bamboo, it will be cooked in a hollow bamboo stick lined with banana leaves to prevent the rice from sticking to the wall of the bamboo. Normally with a standard length of around 16 inches, lemang filled bamboo sticks are then lined up and burnt with charcoal until they are cooked. It takes about 4-5 hours to cook each stick.

A Canadian tourist in Kuching tried to make lemang

A Canadian tourist in Kuching tried to make lemang

Burning lemang over fire

Burning lemang over fire

The most popular way to enjoy a stick of lemang is to eat them with chicken or beef curry. As it is made traditionally with burnt rice and coconut milk, you can smell the coconut fragrance the moment you eat it. A stick today depending on the size ranges from RM8 to RM12 each. You can buy them easily along roadside sold by the villagers. They are most easily available during festive seasons like Gawai Festival for the native folks and Hari Raya Aidilfitri for the muslims. Some of these lemangs can be kept for three days or longer if refrigerated.

We recently visited Jilin Pedestrian Street, Chengdu China and was surprised to see lemang being sold in China too.

A stall selling Lemang in Chengdu China

A stall selling Lemang in Chengdu China

Here below is how the lemang looked like inside. We would give it a 7 / 10.

Lemang made in China

Lemang made in China

We bought one to try and found that they had more ingredients in it. The bamboo stick was shorter and the glutinous rice tasted almost similar to the ones here in Sarawak. However, we do not know where their China recipe originated from, but could it be a modified recipe from our Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore version of lemang?

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Korea’s No. 1 BBQ Chicken Restaurant taking Kuching by storm

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I have walked past this restaurant a few times at Plaza Merdeka UG level Kuching, and at first glance it looked like Nando’s Chicken to me. If it is another Nando BBQ chicken alike, then it wont have me as their customer.

However, one fine day, we walked past the restaurant and we decided to check out this Korea’s No. 1 BBQ chicken restaurant. We read the menu and thought that the food listings looked interesting enough. Many people are crazy for K-Pop or just anything Korean from Oppa Gangnam Style to Fashion and food of course. Someone just reminded me that the Korean craze all started with Winter Sonata Korean drama series.

We decided to check out the Korean restaurant, because it states in the menu, that their meals are all cooked with olive oil, 100% trans fat free oil. So that is supposedly to be healthy and good. This is a plus point for health conscious folks like us. With inflation these days, do not be surprised if most restaurants cook with recycled cooking oil.

The environment is warm with a cartoon drawing of NY city I think, wallpaper covering the wall, the waiters were friendly. We took a good 10 minutes to flip through and understand the dishes.

I will share with you here what we ate that evening. We ordered ganyeong chicken, nasi goreng Korean style and grilled chicken with 2 drinks. Here is what I think of the dishes:

1) Gangjeong Chicken

Paris Chicken

Gangjeong Chicken

The pieces of chicken were deep fried with some Korean spices, and then dipped in honey that has been mixed with some other sauce. When we sank our teeth into the chicken, we practically fell in love with it. It was absolutely delicious, especially if you have a sweet tooth, as the sweetness of the chicken seasoning will appeal to you not to mention the crispiness of the chicken too.We give it a 10 out of 10.

2) Sous Vide Nasi goreng Korean style

Sous Vide Nasi Goreng

Sous Vide Nasi Goreng

This fried rice may be ordered on its own ( as seen in photo) or it would come with grilled Chicken together with some salad. We really liked the nasi goreng because it tasted different somehow from our usual “yong chow” fried rice or our nasi goreng kampong. It must be the added Korean sauce. Do note however, that they have different menu every day, so this nasi goreng may not be available on certain days. In its place you may have other types of fried rice with shrimp or Pineapple fried rice. We still prefer this Nasi Goreng.

3) Paris Chicken

The name Paris, the first thing that comes to our mind is Paris, France or Paris Hilton, the notoirious heir of Hilton Hotel. I do not know how this Paris Chicken name came about. Maybe the Chef had an inspiration to fuse East and West ingredient when he was in Paris. This Paris Chicken is also deep fried but the special ingredient here is that chilli padi was also added into the seasoning. So the chicken tasted spicy and at the same time also delicious.

4) Olive Fried Chicken

Having gotten my taste bud spoilt with the tastes of the Ganyeong chicken and the deep fried Paris Chicken, I was disappointed with the Olive Fried Chicken though as it tasted bland. Smooth texture with crispy skin but bland to the taste bud.

5) Grilled Chicken Meal

Grilled Chicken meal

Grilled Chicken meal

If you do not know what to order, then just check out this dish. It is a complete meal in itself as it has the chicken, salad, rice and perhaps a stripe of pineapple at the side.

6) Pizzas

Pizza with double layer thin crust

Pizza with double layer thin crust

We ordered Margerita pizza. Their thin crust pizza is crispy but the toppings consist of chunky tomatoes and several other ingredients beside cheese. If they could cut the chunky tomatoes into smaller bites, it would be better because the crust is already thin and crispy. So, the toppings itself should be in smaller sizes and bites to balance up the bottom crust.

7) Drinks

They serve soft drinks or some juices. If you top up a few RM more, you can get a free refill. They do not serve desserts such as cakes though.

…..On the whole, my experience eating there was pleasant and I have made several visits to the restaurant since my first visit. Go on and check out the place and support everything Korean.

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Coffee Addict should visit Coffee Clinic Kuching

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When we are sick, the first thing that anyone tells us or we should do is to go see the doctor at the clinic, so if we crave for coffee, what are the thoughts that come to our mind? If you just want a simple cup of Kopi, then head on to the nearest kopi-tiam. If you want something more western, head on over to Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves.

Who would have thought of going to a Coffee Clinic seriously… Well! Yes, there is a Coffee Clinic for coffee addict.

Interior of Coffee Clinic

Interior of Coffee Clinic

Sitting area outside the cafe

Sitting area outside the cafe

We pop by this café, mthat is located at the same row as Secret Recipe at Jalan Song Kuching. Since it opened, it surely has given Secret Recipe a run for their money as both are selling coffees and cakes, though Secret Recipe has a wider variety of food to choose from.

Let’s start with their ambience. The place is tastefully designed with the ground floor partitioned at the corner to make way for a 1 ½ floor for customers enjoy their coffee at the upper floor. They also made use of the walkway outside the shop to lay out more tables and chairs given the limited space inside the shop.

We ordered a cup of Americano black coffee. The taste may be a bit too strong for some people or just nice for others.

Black coffee

Black coffee

Being a tea lover, I ordered a cup of hot green tea. The owner made my tea from green tea powder and promised to change it if I did not like the taste. The taste was thick and it did not really appeal to my taste bud, but I would say, the taste was ok. Just plain thick green tea.

Cup of Latte Green Tea Latte

Cup of Latte Green Tea Latte

So, the owner then made me another cup of green tea latte free of charge, and that was a nice gesture. Their Green tea latte was a mix of vanilla powder, skimmed milk, sugar and green tea powder. At first sip, I tasted the sweetness of vanilla with a hinge of green tea flavour. It takes a while to get used to this new taste if you have always been a tea connoisseur, and you love drinking tea on its own, and perhaps with just a spoonful of added in sugar or honey.

Each cup comes with a chocolate Oat bar. I thought this was a rather generous add on free of charge as most cafes would give you a small piece of cookies to go with your hot drink or none at all.

A slice of chocolate cake RM10

A slice of chocolate cake RM10

We also ordered a slice of Chocolate Cake. If I remembered correctly, it was called “Death by Chocolate Cake”. The cake’s texture was soft and spongy, while the top chocolate layer’s sweetness was just nice. Not too sweet. We were told that they also rented the 2nd floor and bakes all their cakes and pastries there.

Comfy Black Sofa

Comfy Black Sofa

On the whole, it was a pleasant experience for us at Coffee Clinic. Are you a coffee addict? If yes, go check out Coffee Clinic. We are sure with time, it will gain popularity with Kuching folks. Good luck to them!

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Sarawak Laksa vs Curry Laksa

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There are various types of laksa here in Malaysia and they are mostly different depending from which state they are made from. By the name, Sarawak laksa comes from the state of Sarawak whereas the Curry Laksa is more common in Kuala Lumpur.  If you are from Singapore and you have never tasted Sarawak Laksa before, the moment you taste Sarawak Laksa, you would say that it tastes similar to Curry Laksa to the chagrin of your Sarawakian friends who up hold this dish like a patriotic Sarawakian. So we decided to list here below the differences between both laksas that originated from different states.

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa

Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa

Difference between Sarawak Laksa and Curry Laksa

Sarawak Laksa


Curry Laksa



Kuala Lumpur

· Shredded chicken

· Shredded omelet

· Prawns

· Bean sprouts


· Fishball

· Tofu puffs

· Shrimps

· Bean sprouts

Curry like soup but no curry is used

Gravy/ Soup

Curry soup

Chicken and Prawn Stock with coconut milk

Gravy/Soup type

Curry with coconut milk


Noodles used

Yellow mee

Fresh coriander

Extra garnish

Fresh coriander




Not so spicy



Suitable for those who can and cannot eat spicy food


For those who loves spicy food

In conclusion, having listed out above the differences between Sarawak Laksa and Curry Laksa, we leave it to you to decide which is your favourite laksa dish. As for my Singaporean friends, I hope they will come back to Sarawak again for this irresistable dish called Sarawak Laksa.

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Kuching Food Festival the annual yearly event that promises fun, food and entertainment for everyone

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Kuching Food Festival, in Kuching Sarawak is one exciting event that locals and tourists alike can look forward to if you are in Kuching from 12 July – 4 August 2013 to be held at the Dewan Masyarakat or Community Hall of Kuching South City Council. If you are planning a trip to Kuching, and you love to eat, this is the best time to come. Fly with the best regional airline, MASwings and come visit Kuching Sarawak to sample all these delicious local and international cuisine all in one place.

Food oh la la

There are estimated to be over 220 stalls participating in this year’s event.

As this event is about food, so there will be a great variety of food available at the event ranging from muslim food, chinese food, Indian and western food. There will be a new international food corner catering for International cuisine covering Korean, Japanese, Philippine and even Vietnamese food. This goes to show that there is an increase in demand for international cuisine by Kuching folks as well as an increase in expatriates coming to work in Kuching.

Kuching Got Talent

The one exciting event that most people will look forward to is the “Kuching got Talent” contest. The contest covers broader areas such as comic dialogue and crosstalk, ventriloquist, magic, stunt, academic and martial arts.

Each team must consist of not more than five members and the performance time is limited to five minutes.

The judging is divided into four components namely talent (25 pct), entertainment (25 pct), creativity and uniqueness (25 pct), and overall performance (25 pct).

Astro has invited three guest judges from Kuala Lumpur and Kuching to identify the true champion of ‘Kuching Got Talent’.

The champion and first runner-up will walk away with RM2,500 and RM1,500 respectively while the second runner up will bring home RM1,000. The ‘potential prize’ winner will receive RM500.

There will also be a brass band competition for secondary school bands. Through such activities, the youth will be occupied with an activity that is productive for their time and talent.

The council is also planning to organize horse riding within the compound area for the public.

There will also be a Garden Show to encourage the publis to beautify their homes through creative design and special plants.

Other activities are the martial arts display, Sports Toto 3-on-3 Basketball Jamboree, rugby tournament, football tournament and hockey tournament.

If you have the talent, why not fly with MASwings to Kuching during those dates and join the Kuching Got Talent Contest? Who knows you may just shine your hidden talent and walk away with some cash prizes or in worst scenario, just have great fun? Book your air tickets now at

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U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill

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The U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill in Song Plaza, Jalan Song Kuching is the latest happening eatery in town. This restaurant offers a good selection of fresh seafood such as crabs, fish and prawns, a wide variety of vegetables and meat for customers to steam or as they like. These delightful varieties of food are lined up at the counter where you would make your selection before proceeding to cook them in the steamer and grill provided at each table.


Apart from the fresh food on offer, U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill also offers a selection of fried food such as fried rice and noodles for you to choose from. If you are a bit hungry while waiting for your food to be cooked, you can have a little portion of rice or noodle beforehand!

One notable feature of U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill is that it uses special heat-tolerant crystal barbecue plate made from natural quartz mineral to grill the food. You would grill your food on the heat-tolerant crystal barbeque plate. Instead of using oil to heat up the plate, you will pour water over the plate. The plate will then turns orangey red and be ready to grill any food. That method in itself is very interesting which definitely makes your grilling experience an unforgettable one.


You don’t even have to use butter or oil to cook the food on the grill. The radiation that the heated crystal plate generates is able to kill harmful bacteria and remove any unsightly odours. This makes for a much healthier dining environment without the smoke usually associated with restaurants of this type.


If you are steaming your selection of food, you can either cook your food with either tomyam or chicken soup. This gives you a wider choice on how to prepare your food.

You also can choose from several types of dip to accompany your food ranging from soya sauce with chilli to the fiery sambal sauce.

U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill offer a free flow of soft drinks, hot drinks, ice-creams and desserts. This restaurant serves desserts such as the cool and refreshing ais kacang and ais jagung. There is also a good selection of fresh fruits such as watermelons and papayas.

You have an option of dining indoor in an air-conditioned room or outdoor while enjoying the fresh air. As U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill is located on the second floor, you can have a good view of the people passing by if you opt for outdoor dining.

The undoubtedly unique U Garden Steamboat and Crystal Grill opens from 5.30pm till 11pm on weekdays. On weekends it opens from 11.30am till 2pm and 5.30pm till 11pm. You would only need to pay around RM29.90 per adult and RM16 for a child between 2 to 9 years old. The good news is that if you’re 60 years old and above you’ll get 25% discount. This is indeed a real value for money after considering what is on offer here. If you go there on your birthday, you’ll only have to pay half-price.

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Kembayau fruit, Cousin of Dabai found only in Borneo

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Kembayau Fruit

Kembayau Fruit

Kembayau is a fruit found in Borneo and are cousins to dabai-local olives found mostly in Borneo Sarawak.
Although the colour of the skin of both fruits are black, there is a subtle difference between these two fruits-whereby the dabai’s flesh is thicker, more milky and delicious in taste. As for Kembayaus, the flesh is much thinner and sour in taste and they are less popular. In fact, I have never heard of it until recently.

In Sarawak, Kembayaus are less popular because they seldom appear in market as their supply is scarce and are quickly grabbed by customers, if sold in market. Kembayaus are sold cheaper compared to Dabai’s due to the latter’s popularity and good taste.

Dabais are more expensive and are sold between RM18 to RM20 per kilogramme while Kembayaus are sold between RM8 to RM10 per kilogramme.

Usually Kembayaus are the last fruit to appear and is an indication that the season for dabai and other local seasonal fruits are over. With the existence of Kembayaus sold in markets, it would meant that dabai would not be around until the next season.

The method to prepare them is simple, after we have cleaned the fruit, it will be soaked in a container of warm water until it is soft. Water is then poured away and it will be mixed with salt or soya bean sauce and ready to eat.
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Best Sarawak Tribal Food at Absolute Tribal Restaurant Kuching

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Bitter Gourd with Prawn

Bitter Gourd with Prawn

Are you planning to have lunch with your colleagues at some fancy restaurant without putting out too much dough? Well there is such a place, located on the Upper Ground Floor of Hills Shopping Mall. The restaurant offers local and Thai fusion cuisines; one of the best Kuching has to offer while not leaving a tear to your wallet. With RM15, you get to experience 5-star buffet-lunch here.
The restaurant offers a wide range of food for their buffet lunch. First on the menu to try out is the Thai Mungbean Salad, which is a mix of mung beans, onions and fresh shrimp that is sure to whet your appetite with its combination of sweet and sour flavour.

Second in line is the White Tom Yam Chicken, with fresh bite sized chicken with nice hot tom yam, using fresh ingredients such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili peppers that is sour and spicy, will surely keep your appetite going.
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

If you like veges, there is also stir fried vege with prawn. Green broccoli, carrots fried together with medium sized prawns will be a rare treat. Tagging along is the fried nam bean curd, which taste delightful along its thick and tasty gravy.

Next is the native inspired Pansoh Chicken, cooked in bamboo to impart the distinct, delicate flavor to the chicken and is best served with rice. If you love fish, Fish Fillet Thai Soya Sauce would be a real treat, a simple recipe of fresh fish fillet cooked in Thai soya sauce that will give you delicious yet elegant feel.

To go along with the main dishes are the Tribal Style Fried Rice and Thai Fried Kueh Teow to go along with the main dishes.

Last but not least are the deserts, mainly consist of sago dessert, wide range of assorted fruits and Lemon Mint Drink. The buffet lunch is available from12 to 2.30pm.
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Zest for Life, Zest for Food in Kuching city

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Zest Cafe offers food fans with a wide variety of Asian fused wonderful dishes that is sure to whet your appetite. Calling it the new Dining Experience, food lovers will be given a menu that is filled with Thai, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Singaporean and a little mix of western and European savoury dishes such as burgers, pastas and fries.

Located at Jalan Petanak, Kuching, the cafe is a hugely popular choice for those who wish to seek a different variety of delicious food at reasonable prices. Zest also has a fairly wide variety of wine from all over the world for wine lovers and as well as a large choice of coffee, with the cafe’s specialty such as the Obama Coffee which is mocha coffee and Kawai-I, which is Nescafe coffee mixed with chocolate.

Red is the theme at Zest, with modern decor settings yet informal. The cafe is set with dark wood furniture, wood floor, glass panel at one corner and lightly dim ambience; it is certainly cozy and alluring. The ambience of the place is filled with latin music, not too loud but just nice to set the mood. The cafe is not equipped with air-conditioning but with ceiling fan instead, but the area is quite airy so it would not be a problem for customers to enjoy their food here.

One of their popular dish here is Ebiko Fried Rice with prawns, a Japanese dish; deep-fried rice with prawn roe. A single glance at it is sure to rock your appetite with the orange-coloured prawn roe on top of the hot deep-fried rice. The delicate taste of the prawn roe is simply delicious, and the fried rice is quite fine. Exotic as it may sound, the dish will only cost you RM7.90 and you would not get any better deal than this or elsewhere in Kuching.

Other dishes served here are:

Chicken Soup with carrots, potatoes and green apples.

Mixed Vegetable Dish

Tomato Noodle

Japanese Fried Udon

Softshell Crab Burger

Prawn & Bacon salad

Zest strives to serve you with the best of what they have to offer. There is also a wide variety of dessert such as ice creams and cakes, refreshing beverages and soft drinks.

They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 11.00am until 11. 00pm. Other services available here are take outs for those on the go, home delivery, and catering.

Make sure you check out Zest! You can contact them by phone at 082-253 848 for more information.

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Pitcher Plant for Food

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Recently my blogger friend David visited Kuching and I suggested that he should visit Serikin. There are so many things to see and buy there. So off he went, he was definitely impressed with the hundreds of things sold there by the Indonesians. Serikin is near Indonesia border. The Indonesians come over to Sarawak on weekends to ply their ware. It ranges from Pitcher plant food for rm1 to rattan mat which is a favourite among the Malays from West Malaysia.

Pitcher Plant As Food Kuching

Pitcher Plant As Food Kuching

You can bargain with them till the cows come home. They are friendly folks but the weather there is really hot. You need to go early to see more things, shop, bargain and look around. It is an exciting place. Sort of like Little Bandung market.

What is Pitcher Plant? Well, it is a Meat Eater Plant , carnivorous plant. It is also called Monkey Cup. Its scientific name is Nepenthes.

Nephantes Pitcher Plant in Bako National Park

Nephantes Pitcher Plant in Bako National Park

Insects that fly or crawl are attracted to the cavity formed by its cupped leaf. The sides of the pitcher plant are slippery and insects that fell in usually cannot comb out. There are some liquid inside the pitcher plants that traps and drowns the insect. The body will gradually dissolve. The body dissolves tue to enzyme secreted by the plant or by bacteria action washed into the pitcher. Some pitcher plants contain mutualistic insect larvae, that feed on the trapped prey whose excreta the plant absorbs. The prey items sre then converted into a solution of amino acids, ammonium, urea, phosphates and peptides. The plant relies on the mineral nutrition for survival. Pitcher plants grow in places where the soil is lacking in minerals or too acidic for the plants to survive.

Coming back to our Pitcher Plant, it can be easily found in jungles of Borneo. The photo is taken from Bako National Park as my friend David went hiking on the Bako Trail.

If you are interested to go to Serikin, you can book the tour with us here:  4D3N Kuching & Serikin Shopping Tour

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Abell Hotel with the addition of Carvery Restaurant & Bar.

August 8, 2011 by  
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IT’s hard to miss Abell Hotel when you’re in Kuching.

Besides occupying a prime spot in the city centre, the hotel has a warm, earthy exterior that exudes a residential feel, giving would-be guests a small preview of what to expect inside – an inviting and conducive environment amidst a sleek, fresh, chic and contemporary interior.

The floors of this boutique hotel, which opened its doors last month, are boldly assigned with bright, lively colours while the 80 well-appointed guest rooms are conceptualised with simplicity and functionality in mind for comfort and convenience.

“The vibrant colours, depicting Malaysia’s vibrant culture and culinary heritage, are fused into our cosy guest rooms, funky lobby, multi-purpose function room as well as the Carvery Restaurant & Bar,” said general manager Christopher Tan.

He pointed out that all rooms were well sized with modern amenities such as flat screen televisions, plush 350-thread count bedding, invigorating rain showers in the bathrooms and complimentary wireless Internet with views of either the shopping district of the city or miniature rock garden on all its floors.

“We are also proud to be an entirely non-smoking hotel as we strive to provide our guests with a comfortable stay in a clean, smoke-free environment.”

The hotel’s attraction is none other than the Carvery Restaurant which has relocated from its old premise in Pending.

The restaurant, one of the top dining spots in town for the past decade, continues to live up to its name with its signature Brazilian churrascaria buffet dining concept.

Dining here typically begins with the restaurant’s signature creamy mushroom or vegetable soup, and the self-served hot and cold salad bar which offers wonderfully fresh greens that go beyond the staple iceberg and romaine lettuce.

Expect to find imported crisp arugula leaves, oak leaves, juicy cherry tomatoes among the range of salad mixes available as well as ready-made salads such as potato salad, green pea and corn salad, and coleslaw, to name a few.

Then it’s time for the meat course to commence much like a typical churrascaria, meaning Brazilian steakhouse. Guests are treated like royalty as passadors or meat waiters come out to serve from table to table with knives and skewers of various cuts of specially seasoned and slow-roasted meats, prepared specifically in the Brazilian barbecue churrasco style.

A selection of 14 air-flown premium quality meats and seafood all grilled to perfection will be served one at a time, including roasted lamb leg, lamb chop, rump steak, mussels, smoked beef, beef ribs, fish fillet, turkey ham rolls and an array of plump, juicy sausages.

The best among these delightful selections are the roasted lamb leg bursting with smokey and peppery flavour, beef ribs where the texture remains sufficiently tender and the rump steak, served perfectly at medium rare to create a flavoursome cushion-like bite.

To go with the meats and seafood, a variety of sauces such as black pepper, mushroom and mint are available but even without these condiments, the meats are perfect eaten on their own.

A quirky little feature at Carvery is a chip bearing the words ‘serve me’ on the green side and ‘thank you’ on the red side, given to diners at the start of their meal.

“The carvers will continue to serve guests unless the latter show the red ‘thank you’ side of the chip, signalling to the carvers to stop once the guests are done,” Tan explained.

Every meal is given the five-star treatment in the restaurant’s quest to provide a top-notch dining experience, and given the food and impeccable service, it’s no wonder the restaurant continues to be packed since its opening last month.

Pioneering yet another concept for its diners, Carvery has added a Butcher Counter offering wide choice of premium meats such as chilled USA beef, baby lamb rack, Wagyu beef, foie gras and New Zealand salmon steak, all at reasonable prices.

“Guests can make their choice of meat or seafood from our Butcher Counter and prices will be based on the weight of the meat or seafood they have selected,” Tan said, adding that guests could opt to have their selection grilled to perfection, accompanied by trimmings and salad or as  takeaway to be grilled at home.

“The Carvery dinner buffet, priced at RM56 per person, is also available for lunch with nine selections of delectable meat and seafood at RM38 per person.”

For those who aren’t meat lovers, the Carvery’s Salad Buffet is available at RM28 per person. There is also an ala carte menu with a good range of favourite appetisers and main courses.

The presence of Carvery Restaurant is a big plus for Abell Hotel which itself is fast becoming the choice of business and leisure travellers with its affordable rooms, high quality service and  prime location that allows easy access to shopping malls and sightseeing, tours and activities.

Make reservations to dine at Carvery by calling 082-239449.

Source: The Borneo Post 8 May 2011

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Headless Pigeons hanging on Clothes Peg

June 19, 2011 by  
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Today, i was not exactly hungry but feel like eating something. and Yes, I know that is bad for health. Eating when you are not hungry.

So, I went to 101 PRemier which is very popular and one of the most happening places in Kuching right now when it comes to hawker food.

As i was surveying the stalls, from the corner of my eye, i suddenly caught sight of orange cloth pegs. and Lo and behold! i see headless pigeons hanging there.

Deep Fried Headless Pigeons

Deep Fried Headless Pigeons

The sight did not spur me to order some as they sell in set of 2. RM10 for two, and I did not feel like having 2 pigeons after my dinner.

These are some of the interesting food that you can find in 101Premier.  the stall also sells Muar Otak-Otak. Not Brains mind you but the Otak-otak that comes wrapped in pandan leaves with sambal in it.

Their otak-otak surprisingly is wrapped in popia skin. Very small piece. They sell in set of 4 piece for rm4.Deep Fried with sambal inside. Very small piece though. tiny bites to whet your appetite.

Muar Popia with otak sambal filling

Muar Popia with otak sambal filling

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