The Summer Shopping Mall, the first ever shopping mall in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

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Kota Samarahan has been recognized by many as “Town of Knowledge”. The town has several institutions of higher learning in the area. They includes Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Universiti Teknologi MARA Kota Samarahan Campus and Tun Abdul Razak Institute of Teacher. Now, students at the institutions can easily spend their free time at this new mall without having to go to Kuching as the city is quite far from town.

Sunset view

Sunset view

One of the must visit place at the mall is the food court. In my opinion, the food court is decorated to look like picnic spots, fit for its name since it is called Verano Picnic. Several of plush looking benches adorned the tables along with colourful chairs, and the sizes are as big as a 3-seater sofa. You can even lie down on these benches while enjoying your meals. There are also tables with colourful chairs around them. Lots of local and international delicacies can be found here. For those who like Italian food, there is a section for pizza and pasta, where the price is cheaper than the usual price. There are also sections for local cuisine, hot plate, Middle East food, BBQ and many others.

Verano Picnic

Verano Picnic

Moreover, various exciting events had been held at The Summer Shopping Mall. Since its opening, several events such as The Summer Ground Control, Summer Photo Contest, Summer Halloween 2013, Festival Kesenian Islam 2013, Chinese New Year Carnival 2014, the recently held Miss World Harvest Festival 2014, and many more had been held here.

One of the events held at Summer Mall

One of the events held at Summer Mall

Apparel outlets such as Vunfa, Kitschen, Esprit, Shibuya, Hari-Hari and Factory Outlet Store had taken spots at this mall. There are also many food and beverages lots such as My Pretzel, Baskin Robbins, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, Sushi King, Tutti Frutti, Starbucks, Lof Bakery, TwinklePan and many more.

Furthermore, the recently opened Lotus Five Star Cinema had visitors coming in every day, since the day that they offered free movie screening to early birds. Famous movies, which had been shown on theatres before, were being screened again for this free movie screening. Rise of an Empire, Frozen, Police Story 2013, Tom Yum Goong 2, Robocop and three others were screened for free all week. This cinema has 12 comfortable halls consisting of 9 elegant Cinema halls, two 3D Movie Hall and one classy theatre room. This Lotus Five Star cinema is said to be the largest cineplex in East Malaysia.

Animal rides

Animal rides

The mall also has skating rink, big enough to accommodate 50 to 80 skaters. The SkatePark will be the first ever skating rink within a shopping mall in Sarawak, and has been operating since December last year. Everyone from age five onwards is welcomed to try the ice-rink, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Different kind of promotions had been offered to encourage people to come during weekdays. Gentlemen’s Day is on Monday, 2 for 1 Promotion on Tuesday, Group Offer on Thursday, Happy Hour and Ladies Hour on Friday. Admission rates are RM12 per adult and RM8 per child for the first hour on weekdays; and RM15 per adult and RM10 per child during weekends and public holidays.

Moreover, with Summer Lagoon Water Theme Park scheduled to open later this year, the mall is going to be swarmed by the locals, as it is going to be the first water-park in the area. Make sure you visit the latest shopping attraction in Kota Samarahan when you are in town!

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Rainforest World Craft Bazaar continues to shine

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SANTUBONG: The Rainforest World Craft Bazaar (RWCB) was a big hit among locals, especially female entrepreneurs, judging by both the crowd and gamut of goods sold during the 3-day extravaganza.

Among those participating at the RWCB, which was held in conjunction with the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2011, were four entrepreneurs sponsored by the Women’s Bureau of the Chief Minister’s Department.

The group’s representative Amal Hussain said this was the first time they participated in RWCB and they were thrilled to bits with the response from festival-goers.

“There are always customers at our booths and tourists just love our local handicrafts,” he said.

Amal said that he and his female friends did not want to miss the good business opportunity provided by the Women’s Bureau to promote their goods.

Among items sold at the bazaar were ceramics, traditional costume jewellery from various local ethnic groups and cakes.

“Most of the things we sold were purchased by foreign tourists because they said they wanted something that reflects the beautiful Sarawak culture.”

Local entrepreneurs sponsored by Women’s Bureau yesterday were Kecobong Qurnia Resources (accessories), Noorhajiah Osman (keringkam), Sarawak Indian Women Association (henna art) and Borneo Ceramic (ceramic-based products).

Besides local entreprenuers, RWCB was also participated by entrepreneurs from Africa, Sabah and Indonesia.

At its final day yesterday, exhibition and product booths were packed with visitors. Everyone seemed to be rushing for pottery, airbrush tattoo, food and drinks and even the dance workshops.


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Online Services from BKH

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How to send Shopping Spree items from Kuching to your home

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Are you on a shopping spree to Kuching?

I was at Kuching International Airport earlier scheduled to depart on AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur. I saw at the checking in counter a banner sign that states that now if you are planning to buy a lot of souvenir or food to bring back home but due to the limited baggage allowance, you can now send your things through AirAsia cargo service. It is a door to door service.
What this means is that they will send it right up to your door step for ….. are you ready for this?

ONLY RM5.50 per kg.

So fret not, you can shop till you drop especially if you are fond of food items like Ikan Terubuk masin Sarawak, rattan mat, the famous Kek Lapis Sarawak, and so much more. All you have to do is to contact the Information cargo counter at Level 3 at Kuching International Airport to send your items to your home in West Malaysia. There is a contact number there: 014 2873330. I tried calling whole morning but the number is off. Perhaps they changed number? I went to the counter before 9am and no one was there. Perhaps they start work at 10am? But the last time when i walked past there, i saw a staff manning the counter.

whatever it is, you know that there is such service available here in Kuching.

Are you planning a trip to Kuching anytime soon?

Check out this

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For the more adventurous, check out

3D2N Magic Mulu >>

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Travel Store

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Don’t you find Proboscis Monkey unique? with its big bulging nose? Why not get a toy home for souvenir?



Large Size: 35 cm,  Pc: Usd37.00    Small Size: 23 cm, Pc: Usd29.00    Inquire Here to Purchase!

The 3 Family

The 3 Family

Orang Utan

Orang Utan

Orang Utan 1 size: 23cm,  Pc: Usd29.00        Inquire Here to Purchase! >>

Wooden Shield Souvenir

Swak Shield

Swak Warrior Wooden Shield

Large Size: Usd25.00
Small Size:  Usd17.00 Inquire Here to Purchase! >>

Sarawak Combo Deal

Sarawak Combo Deal

1) Hand-made Bemban Purses Weaving Set of 4 items

2) 2 Fridge magnets

3) 1 memo holder
4) 1 Small Wooden Shield Souvenir

Combo Deal: 1+2+3+4: Inquire Here to Purchase! >>

Hand Made Bemban  Purses Weaving Set- 4 pieces only-Out of Stock


Beads Neck Tie

Beads Neck Tie

Total No. of Beads used:
Pc: Usd57

N.B:  Product price EXCLUDING postage fee to  your destination.

Inquire Here to Purchase! >>

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Let’s go Souvenir Shopping

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Sarawak in general and Kuching in particular is a confluence of various cultures which gives visitors a chance to enjoy the best of various traditions. Be it dining, accommodation or things to see and buy, Sarawak gives you a wide range of traditional things to buy as souvenir on your way back to your hometown.

During your stay in Kuching you are bound to find pots of varying sizes and shapes everywhere you go. You can find women at work at pottery outlets that line along 4th mile of Penrissen road. Usually two types of pots are made in Kuching- one by the Chinese potters and the other by Kelabit, Murut and Iban potters. Today pots are made not only for decoration items and candle holders. These decorative pots are very popular among locals as gift items during special occasions.

Woodcarvings found in Kuching are some of the best found in this part of the world. You can find various woodcarvings ranging from stylish Kenyah to Kayan wooden spoons. More popular are the decorative wooden bowls, ritual masks, Iban hunting items. Moreover you can also take back decoratively painted figures of hornbill on woodcarvings.

Kuching, famous for its culture and tradition has a long weaving history and the textiles produced here are famous all over the world. Pua Kumbu weaved by the Iban people showcases the outstanding culture of the region. There are exquisite patterns and designs which you find nowhere else in the world. Kain Songket is another wonderful woven textile art found in Kuching. These manually woven textiles are made of silk or cotton yarn and combined with golden and silver threads. It is said that these textiles are a inherited from the days of the Sultanate.

For centuries the local people have been using a variety of gorgeous beads for ceremonial purposes and decorations. The colors, value and material from which beads are made here form an interesting topic of conversation. Today beads have a variety of uses and are even used by government officials as garlends and gifts for various events.

In some ways bamboo can be said to be the mainstay of Sarawak’s economy. From kitchenware to fans, floorings and pipes bamboos are a commodity for daily use. Bamboos are used in so many different ways that only designs and carvings on bamboos can match it. The Bidayuh and Penan people have over the years mastered the art of carving out various figures on bamboos. They design wonderful containers that can hold blowpipe darts.

In Kuching don’t forget to buy rattan mats, made of rattan, a high quality durable product found in the jungles of Sarawak. Various fibers, leaves, stems and creepers are used to make these mats. Moreover baskets are also made out of these products and are used for various purposes like fish traps, gathering vegetables and storing seeds by the local people.

A favorite and unique gift visitor prefer taking back home for family and friends is the Salted Terubok fish. Though full of bones, the Terubok is a delicious fish loved in this part of the world. Choose a larger fish for taking home as you would find taking off the bones easier.

As you enter Kuching through Serian you are bound to see pepper plantations on either side of the road. Years of research on use of pepper sponsored by the government have resulted various pepper products like pepper perfumes and pepper candies. The distinct flavor of Sarsawak’s pepper makes it recognized in the international stage.

Perfect for health conscious visitors, the Bario Rice is manually grown using traditional methods without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It has a unique taste and aroma and is well known for its fine and soft texture.

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Bird’s Nest

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If you are thinking that bird’s nest is something to observe and admire, well, you are in for a surprise. It is actually a type of traditional soup popular in this part of Asia especially among the Chinese population in Sarawak. It is prepared from the nest of Swiftlets- a kind of bird found in Sarawak and is said to contain high nutritious value due to its composition of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. The bird’s nests may not seem as attractive as other dishes available, but for those who believe in this exotic delicacies ability to promote long life and good health it’s worth its every cents of value.

There are two types of nests of Swiftlets- the black nest and the white nest. These birds make their nests in caves or on high walls of a bird house. The bird secrets a sticky solution from their salivary glands, which later solidifies to form the nest for their young ones. Once they grow up, the nests are of no use for the birds. To man they are a commodity so valuable that they are known as white gold.

The seaside caves in Sarawak forms the natural habitat of the swiftlets. However, today people have realized the profits of rearing bird’s nest. The nests build in artificial conditions of birdhouses are much cleaner as compared to those found in caves. Most of the cultivation is in the urban area besides the sea. While harvesting, it is important that there are no babies or eggs in the nest.

Unprocessed white bird's nest from birdhouse

Unprocessed white bird's nest from birdhouse

The white nests are more in demand as they are made solely out of the saliva of these birds, while the black nest is mixed with feathers, insects and twigs. As such they require a lot more time and effort to clean. Both these varieties of nests are soaked overnight and then cleaned before consumption.

After harvesting and subsequent cleaning, these nests are bought by restaurants where it is served with chicken broth. Usually the soup is not quite savoury but when mixed with sugar it tastes nice. However, its demand is not due to the flavor but because of its capacity to dissolve phlegm, proper renal functioning, prolong beauty and suppressing cough. The Chinese have been consuming Bird’s Nest soup for four centuries now.

So come and have a taste of Bird’s Nest soup and you would want to have it often. You can have it either sweet or savoury. The preferred one among visitors is the savoury one which is prepared along with mushrooms, chicken breasts at times ham and eggs.

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