Asia music Festival Rocked Miri Sarawak

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Miri is getting its status as a Music Festival City after hosting the Asia Music Festival 2013. There were a large number of groups, bands and individuals performing during the festival. The performers for the festival are from different Asian countries such as Indonesia, Korea and India. The festival attracted people from neighboring countries too such as Sabah, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.
The international performers who performed during the music festival are the Bembol Rockers, Vstar, Anthony Dassan, Soesah Tideor, Foxy Girls, Boy Thai Band, Tritha and Fakhrul Razi. Bembol Rockers is a band from Philippine and they perform the jazz, swing and blues genre of music. Vstar is a South Korean female group and were trained under the supervision of a prominent Korean musical director. Anthony Dassan, a performer from South India is a Tamil folk song player who used to play his music for his urban audiences. “Soesah Tideor” or in English, “Insomnia”, is a band from Indonesia and they play their own style of music which is the mixture of dangdut, keroncang and rock. Foxy Girls, a female group from Indonesia are made up of three girls and was established in 2011. The type of music genre that they bring is from the blending of RnB, Pop and Malay. Boy Thai Band, a traditional band from Thailand and are known as “Commandos of traditional Thai Music in the Globalization Age”. This band gave the audiences a refreshing feel of traditional style music. Tritha, an artist from North India, and also a supporter of women’s right who include her ideas in her songs. Fakhrul Razi, is an independent singer and songwriter from Brunei. He did a great job on stage with his energy and voice.
There are also be local artist who performed during the Asia Music Festival in Miri. Bands such as Hevance, Mountain Wind Band, and Starlets Band performed some local music for the audiences. There are also be two local singers, Melissa Francis and Bob Yusof. Hevance, is an Iban Rock band from Bintulu. They are a really talented band and also became the only Iban band to be nominated in a Malay Award. The Mountain Wind Band is a band from Miri, and plays Country music. Although they are a new band that just broke through, they have performed in various functions and should not be brushed aside. The Starlets Band is from Miri and consists of four members. Started their first performance in 2005, they instantly became a hit and now are hired by various companies to do some performance. Local singer Melissa Francis also be performed during the Asia Music Festival. A director and artist of the Company Platinum World Network Sdn. Limited, also a professional artist, she certainly did entertain the crowd during the festival. Another singer from Sarawak is Bob Yusof. Bob’s talent was founded when he joined a reality show a few years ago. A person, who knows how to sing different kinds of song genre, he got the crowd going with his talent.
The Asia Music Festival really rocked the place and brought everyone to their feet. During the festival there are also other stalls such as food stalls selling food from different countries. Other activities going around the area are like the showcase of superbikes and also tattoo artists if you want to get your skin inked on the spot. The local and international performers are really worth watching and it truly is a wonderful event worth going again in the future.

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