Durian Fiesta in the middle of the jungle in Kampung Bidak, Padawan Kuching

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Everyone loves the King. Don’t you all love the King of Fruit, durian? Sarawak now is haven with durian season in full swing since last month. Bountiful harvest throughout Sarawak.

Durian Fruit

Durian Fruit

We were invited by our friends to go eat durian right off the tree in the jungle. This is an offer that we cannot resist. So off we went on a Sunday morning to Kampung Bidak, Padawan Kuching. It was a 45 minutes drive from Kuching city. Along the way, all we saw were durians being sold at the roadside. Durian! Oh durian!

We were told that because of the recent haze here in Borneo, it caused most worms to die off, enabling the durian trees to bear fruits successfully. Upon arriving at the village, we have to trek through jungle trails that took us about 30 minutes to reach the site.

Once arrived, we were greeted with lots of durians on the ground. My friends even managed to open up one along the way to the site as all over us, there were many durian trees bearing fruits. We then picked the big durians to open up and just ate, ate and ate. As the durians came from different tree, the taste of each durian differed. Some were milky sweet, some were bitter sweet, and some were just plain sweet.

Enjoying our durians

Enjoying our durians

We ate to our heart’s satisfaction. Each of us paid only RM10 per person to enjoy this bountiful harvest.

Picking our durians

Picking our durians

We bought a few more durians to bring home, and we head back home as some members were really tired from the trekking while the rest of the group continue another half hour trek to Sebarau waterfall further uphill, where the water is clear, cool and refreshing.

It was indeed an enjoyable day. We then drove back to city, being greeted by villagers selling durians along the way. It beats buying durians from the traders at MJC, where it is more expensive, and the flesh not as thick. We returned home feeling satisfied, full and happy. What better way to spend the day than with the King of Fruits. It is a day like this where you really appreciate God’s Gift of nature to us humans.

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