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Kampua noodles or fondly known as Kampua mee originated from the Foochow community, when they brought their favourite noodles to Sarawak when they came here to settle down centuries ago. The noodles are tossed in pork lard or vegetable oil, fried shallots, spring onions and soy sauce and/or chili sauce for that additional taste.

Delicious looking Kampua Mee, ready to be eaten

Delicious looking Kampua Mee, ready to be eaten

The social and cyber space have been abuzz with this new latest instant kampua noodles (kampua mee)  which comes in a transparent bag with 5 rolls of instant noodles inside, together with 2 sachets  of seasoning per roll of noodles.  We never actually went out to hunt for it until a relative from Sibu graciously gave us a bag to try.

Here is our review of the kampua noodles.

The noodles come in several varieties. They are white soya sauce, black soya sauce, round noodles and flat noodles.

The packaging of the bag seems to tear easily. They could work on the packaging but we saw that they are coming up soon with the newer packaging and they have also been listed in the top 20 listing of 2014 Innovation Business Challenge recently.

There are 5 rolls of noodles inside the transparent bag, with their own packaging. Each roll comes with 2 sachets of seasoning of soya sauce, stir fried shallots and oil.

Instant Kampua Mee from Sibu

Instant Kampua Mee from Sibu

First, you boil about 1.5 cups of water and then put in the noodles. You may need to boil the noodle for about 5-7 minutes. To have a more springy and firm texture, you are recommended to remove the noodles from the hot boiling water and then blanche it into cold water for a second and then remove it. Pour the noodles into a bowl.

Next, if you want a more tasty kam pua noodle, most people like to eat it with more additions of stir fried shallots. After you have set the noodles aside, heat up your wok and while the wok is heating up, pour in some oil. At same time, dice up some shallots and pour it into the wok and stir fried it until it is golden brown. Then you toss about 2 teaspoonfuls of the fried shallots and garnish it over the noodles.

You may also chop up some scallions to garnish the noodles. Kampua noodles is not complete without a few slices of BBQ pork meat. You may buy some from outside vendors and cut up a few slices onto your noodles.

Kampua Mee, a famous dish among Foochow people

Kampua Mee, a famous dish among Foochow people

There, we are sure you will love this Kampua noodles. If you eat the Kampua noodles just on its own, the small amount of fried shallot in the seasoning may be insufficient to give you that tasty aroma. Do add in some chilli sauce for that addition of spicy flavour to your noodles.

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