Experience Homestay Away From Home

If you are looking for a place far away from the rush of the city life, why not check out this cozy Homestay? Situated in Santubong some 16 km from Kuching, it is one of the best Kuching hotels in the form of a country home and farm stay found outside the city.

Cozy Homestay at foot of Mount Santubong

Wake up to the chirping of birds each morning with the light rays of the sun faintly lighting up your room dispelling the darkness of the previous night. Stay in one of the small cottages, Malay bungalow or the three chalets and experience the tranquility of the surrounding forests overlooking the Homestay. Freshen up your mind standing on the veranda observing people fishing in the pond nearby and the small birds and animals playing with each other.

Initially a family farm covering an area of 48 acres, this Homestay today has been transformed into a farm and Homestay. It boasts of 8 big ponds as the owner also rears prawn and fishes. At some season, the number of prawns amount to 100,000 or 1-2 tonnes per pond. You could fish these prawns and fishes for a fee. Some of the species available include toman, patin, baung, tilapia, catfish and sultan besides tiger prawn. Toman fishes have been known to aid healing process of wound from operation of an individual. You can cook these freshly caught prawns and fishes right away at the barbecue pits or the common hall cafeteria. You can also experience the farming methods of Borneo in the vegetable garden, fruit orchard and the rabbit and goat farm.

Personalized services make staying in one of the seven rooms at Homestay a delight and you feel as if you are at home. The place comes complete with air-condition, wireless internet connection and satellite dish to watch your favourite news channel or movies. Of these, four rooms are decorated in traditional Malay style with several portraits showcasing the culture of the region. There is enough space to accommodate 10 people in this room.

You may also choose to stay in one of the other three chalets- Puteri Damai, Puteri Sejinjang and Puteri Santubong. Targeted at young couples the Puteri Damai is decorated with portraits of several famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.


Puteri Sejinjang is designed for VIP guests with large king sized bed. White curtains made of linen adorn the windows and the floor is decorated with white tiles.


Puteri Santubong with white tiled floor is larger as compared to the other two rooms. It comes with one large double bed and another single bed. All rooms has modern facilities like air-conditioner and WiFi connection.

Car rental facilities are also available and you can hire a Toyota Land Cruiser or the Proton Iswara. Moreover scooters could also be availed of besides bicycles. Bookings should be made at least a week prior to arrival and guests are required to pay 50% as a deposit.

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