Is Tune Hotel for You?

TUNE HOTEL has been mushrooming up all over Asia of late following suit its sister company, aggressive growth in the Asian region, TUNE HOTEL branded itself as 5 Star Sleeping Experience at 1 Star Price and you pay only when you use their facilities.  As I write this, now you can find TUNE HOTEL in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, LCCT and Bali.

What is so special about TUNE HOTEL?

Tune Hotel Reception, Kuching

Tune Hotel Reception, Kuching

I checked out TUNE HOTEL in Kuching recently and here is my feel of the hotel. The hotel opened its door for business on 2 March 2009 and has 135 rooms. So everything there are new. The rooms, the bedsheets, pillows and etc. The place looks clean and chic. It is located right in the heart of the Cat city opposite Hilton Hotel, and is a walking distance to the waterfront and shopping malls like Sarawak Plaza, Parkson Grand and others.

All one has to do is to book online at
As you all know, it caters to a different segment of the market, ie. the backpackers or people who does not need much frills in a hotel room other than a shower, a good night sleep and off they go the next day. Tune Hotel like Air Asia airline works on the basis that its room prices fluctuates depending on how early you book, and whether it falls on a weekend or whether it is near the festive season. The cheapest rate starts from Rm9.99 to Rm100.00 or less.

You may be attracted to the low price but the necessities that you need when you stay in a hotel room like air condition are chargeable either on a 12 hours or 24 hours basis. So, even though you check in at 2pm today and check out at 10am the next day, you will still pay for 24 hours air condition though your usage may be only 20 hours. Of course, the other alternative is to pay for just 12 hours of air condition after you want to retire for the night to be cost effective and probably use the ceiling fan for the remainder of the day.

Rooms are small as it is a budget hotel and one traveller commented that the walls are thin. Some rooms have no windows.

a room in Tune Hotel

a room in Tune Hotel

Their hair dryer can be loaned to you provided you pay a deposit that is refundable when you return the item back to them.

If you need to be connected, then you need to pay for the wi-fi as do most hotels.

When we travel, we want to travel light, but if you stay here, you need to bring your own towels and bath kit. These things are chargeable too at rm5 and to include 5% government tax.

Their check in time is at 2pm and check out time is at 10am unlike other hotels where the check out time is at 12pm or 1pm and extendable if you are a regular customers.

Everything is computerized and as such, the time is non negotiable. According to the receptionist whom I interviewed then, they have no control over the checking out time as it is centrally computerized with headquarters. So, if you accidently left something behind, then you may need to pay for the day’s charges. (though in my opinion, I still think this is negotiable. If the chamber maid has access to the rooms, then I am sure we can negotiate with them to open the room for us to collect something.)

Here are 6 positive points for staying at TuneHotel.

1) You get to sleep at a 5 star beds made up of high quality spring mattress beds with pillows, bedsheets and 250-thread count duvets.
2) The rooms come with high-pressure, heated power showers.

3) Ceiling fan being the alternative to air condition is provided.
4) Central location to shopping malls and sight seeing places.
5) Clean environment.
6) 24 hour security service with key card system and cctv at strategic points around the hotel building.

However, if you are travelling with a family with young kids or your elderly parents, I would not recommend you to stay there because I feel that it is too much of a hassle to have to sort out everything or if you forgot to make pre-payment and then having to pay at the counter to use this or that. It is better to just pay once and enjoy an uninterrupted stay of comfort and pay when you checked out.

If you are a backpacker, or used to travelling around regularly alone, or travelling with your friends, then you would enjoy your stay here as you pay only if you use the facilities. It is in my opinion that the hotel caters more to people in their 20s to early 40s.

In conclusion, I would prefer to stay at a hotel where I pay when I checked out or even if I need to pay online before I checked in but I need not worry that the air condition would be shut off in 12 hours time or that I need to check out at 10am the latest as I sleep late and wakes up late. Honestly speaking, after you add in everything including the taxes and others, it all comes down to the same price as a normal 3 star hotel price and I end this article here where I leave that choice to you.

Happy Holidays!

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