Is this roasted coffee in Sibu better than Nescafe?

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I was in Sibu recently and I was introduced to a coffee shop which is famous for its coffee. The test is in the tasting. So I ordered a cup of iced cold coffee.

The moment the coffee drink touched my tongue, it felt like a medium roast, smooth and full bodied with full fragrant aromas. Even with ice cubes in the drink, I could still taste the roasting and smelt the fragrant aromas. It Ieft a lingering taste of roasted nuts on my tongue. Indeed it characterized richness of the coffee beans.

I love tea more than coffee. Usually when I drink coffee, I drank it for the sake of drinking it to keep myself awake and not really aware of its roasting taste or the feel of its body on my tongue. Yes, I am not a sophisticated coffee drinker to be able to differentiate its flavour or aroma or acidity but after today’s cup of coffee, it seemed like my senses had suddenly been awakened and I became more aware of the differences in aroma, body, fragrant and flavor.

This glass of iced cold coffee is definitely a must have if you go to Sibu. It costs less than rm1 per cup or rm1.50 for a glass of iced coffee. Ask your friend or whoever to bring you to Sungai Merah vicinity at Lorong Wong Ting Hock 1 and go to Choon Seng Coffee Shop which is right below Cosway Office to order your coffee.

Coffee shop serving popular coffee

Coffee shop serving popular coffee

Trust me, you will not regret the effort to go there for this cup of rich coffee. We even bought a kilogramme of coffee powder from them to take home.

Local popular Sibu coffee

Local popular Sibu coffee

Like me, it may even change your outlook on coffee from there on….

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