Did Colin Need a Passport to go to Indonesia

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A friend wrote to me after watching the video of Colin and my write up. Here was what he wrote:

“They remind me of the time when I visited there.
Man! I really miss the place.
They make me really want to go back there again.
I wonder, do you need passport to cross between Indonesia and Sarawak like the English man Colin did?

I will glad to meet up your friend and click with them, hahaha… Ivan

Well, Ivan, we never crossed over to Indonesia. We were near the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia. That was why we were able to see the thick lush forests of Kalimantan from Borneo Highland. In fact, while waiting for everyone to get ready to leave, I saw 3 persons coming out of the forests. I asked my friend who those people are and what were they doing emerging out from the forests on Gawai Day. Shouldn’t they be celebrating the festive at home, er.. enjoying themselves and getting high on tuak ?

Here was what she said, “They are actually Indonesians. They crossed over from Kalimantan to here. I asked , so they need to go through the check point right? She said, No, they can just cross over like that without going through the check point. They would come to here to sell their veges or wares. We are usually nice to them because they would also be nice and friendly to us when we go over to their village.

So, that means that there are still places which is not maned by the authorities from both sides to enable those local folks to cross over to the neighbouring country to sell their stocks/veges/wares.

However, please note that if you are a tourists/ of different nationalities, you need a passport to go to Indonesia. Our last trip were within the border of Sarawak.

p.s.: Ivan, my friends went kayaking yesterday. Today, they are going to a waterfall at a nearby place. Sorry you are not here to join them.

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3 Responses to “Did Colin Need a Passport to go to Indonesia”
  1. Joo Li says:

    Indeed very primitive. Reminds me of those ‘Kampung’ days:) I would really wish to go there and experience it myself. Take a break and enjoy the nature….

  2. Sandy Kang says:

    hello Joo Li,

    I wont exactly say it is primitive. Because the villagers also have access to the M’sia satellite TV programmes, called ASTRO there. the village is located inland near Indonesia but they are not Primitive. To the contrary , they have access to modern facilities and I even saw a green movable toilet located outside the long house . Cool huh! Modern and yet simple village life !


  3. Joo Li says:

    Hmm…sounds good. Should gather a few of my friends and plan for a trip there. Will you be our personal guide then? Thanks for the informations Sandy!

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