Jangkar Waterfall, the Hidden Gem in Lundu, Sarawak

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If you think you have lived long enough to discover everything about Sarawak through your own experience or through National Geographic, well, think again. There is a hidden gem in Lundu that is yet to be popularised – the Jangkar Waterfall.

Lundu is a town located in the Northwest of Kuching Division of Sarawak and borders with Indonesian Province of West Kalimantan. Lundu is known as a place that has many rural areas.

Jangkar Waterfall has been chosen as a travel destination because it has the potential to increase the volume of tourists visiting the area with a bright future for tourism development.

This waterfall is known locally as Jangkar Waterfall. It is accessible via Kampung Jantan, a small village near the coastal town of Sematan. You can go by car from Lundu, taking about 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Long ago, this place was known as Kampung Jangkar before the area was split into two different villages, which are Kampung Jantan and Kampung Jangkar. The waterfall having to be in Kampung Jantan area, but it is still called as Jangkar Waterfall.

Jangkar Waterfall was founded and had been managed by Jantan-Jangkar Cooperation (Koperasi Jangkar Jantan Lundu Bhd) since 2012. The members of Jantan-Jangkar Cooperation are from the local villagers of both Kampung Jantan and Kampung Jangkar. The cooperative team provide parking space and experienced local guides for jungle trekking to the waterfall.

If you want to visit the waterfall, you must first register at the reception counter at entrance to the hiking trail. They will then assign a local guide to each group who will lead the way to the waterfall.

In past cases, there were some visitors who would go to the lower part of the waterfall, have a picnic or a barbeque and leave all their trash there before leaving. This is one of the reasons why every visitor is now required to register themselves before proceeding to the waterfall with a local guide.

The increase in the number of visitors to the area has helped to generate income for the locals and stimulate the local economy. Now, you can be rest assured that the trail to the waterfall and the surroundings are much cleaner and well maintained.

The guide’s fee is based on the size of the group. For groups of 5 and above, they collect RM10 from each person while for groups of fewer than 5, they collect a single sum of RM50. They get visitors from all over the world and they come here either with a tour agent or as independent traveller. On average, they get about 100 visitors per month and they have seen an increase in the number of visitors coming here over the past four years.

Based on my own experience, it took about 50 minutes to get to the waterfalls and about 40 minutes journey back down the mountain. My trip to the waterfalls was guided by Mr. Lebi, a local guide at Jangkar Waterfall. I managed to reach the waterfalls safely with his help and was able to experience the hidden natural treasure of Lundu.


A shot with Mr. Lebi (tour guide)


When you read a book, you only experience one page, when you travel, you experience an adventure right here at Jangkar Waterfall. So go check it out now!

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