Bung Jagoi Day, a day to celebrate the Bidayuh old culture

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Bung Jagoi Day is a celebration to preserve the tradition and culture of local communities while promoting the area as an ecotourism attraction for the people in Kuching and tourists. ‘Ondu Bung Jagoi’ or Bung Jagoi Celebration Day was organised by Jagoi Area Development Committee (JADC) on July 22, 2017 and started at 8am. Entrance tickets are available at the foothill at RM7 each.


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Bung Jagoi is a sandstone hill which measures to about 360 meters high. It is located in a hilly area of the district of Bau, Kuching, called Jagoi, and it is commonly known for its gold mining activities since the last century. Kampung Jagoi is a Bidayuh village situated on top the hill, similarly like those in fairytale where a village is surrounded by forests. ‘Bidayuh’ is one of the larger indigenous ethnic group of Sarawak. In Bidayuh language ‘Bung’ means summit, hence Bung Jagoi refers to the summit of Jagoi.

The highlight of the celebration includes a fun run up the 7km long trail from Duyoh village to the village of Bung Jagoi. The fun run is intended to promote healthy activities and get visitors to explore the mountain. There were four categories, namely Bijagoi area primary schools, Bijagoi area secondary schools, Bijagoi area Local Open category at RM10 each and an Open category for runners from elsewhere at RM50 each, in which the top five winners from each category were awarded prizes.



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Those who enjoyed leisure trekking were given the chance to go trekking up the mountain at 8am before the start of the fun run. They would pass through herbal gardens, a spring well and a WWII historical site.

Visitors there were also entertained by Bidayuh cultural performances, handicraft-making demonstrations and served with scrumptious traditional Bidayuh cuisine for lunch to complete their visit.


Image credit to Bung Jagoi Facebook Page


At present, only one family is living at Bung Jagoi village and is the caretaker of the village. This legendary mountain has provided settlement to the community for over a hundred years. The villagers go here to hunt and collect forest products as well as practise shifting agriculture. The 600 hectares forests, however, still remain intact.

Sarawak today still has many green lungs for its people to hunt and plant for their daily needs. If you are ever in Sarawak, do drop by our Bung Jagoi Celebration to join in the fun and get to know us and our culture.

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