10 Tips How To Be A Green Traveller

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What is Green Travel all about? We tend to hear it very often even on some travel tip guide books and even on the internet. Does going green literally mean you carry anything that has got to do with green during your travel? That is not exactly it! The definition to be a Green Traveler means to be friendlier to your environment. It is more to like saying “I need to save the earth”. So how can you be a Green Traveler? Here are some 10 tips on how you can do it!

1. Recycled Papers or Plastic Bags

Not all papers are the same. Some thick papers will have a hard time to be dissolved like those thick ones. Same goes for plastic bags. Paper map, if no longer in use, you might want to give to your friend. It is expensive these days. As for plastic bags, do not throw it away just like that! It is useful when it comes to packing up your dirty clothes. It comes in handy as you may never know when you are going to need it.

2. Power Saving

There are times when we traveled we tend to neglect and take it for granted just because it is a hotel facility. We have the thoughts of “After all, I am paying for it and the hotel is responsible for paying the electricity bill”. Think again! Hotels tend to consume at least an average of 40% electricity output compared to a normal house. To reduce it, you can switch off all lights and the TV when going out.

3. Walk or Cycling Is Good For Health

Walking can be good for health. Try to reduce rental transportation such as van or cars. If there is a bicycle for rent in your nearby place, pick that up. It helps a lot during your travel as well. Even when you walk around for a sight-seeing, you will find yourself to be more adventurous. Moreover, you will get to see the detail parts of your destination. Before you realized it, you are actually staying healthy and reducing that carbon material output.

4. Reusable Bottle or Container

Instead of spending cash to buy new bottle and container, you might as well want to reuse it. It helps to save cost but also saving the environment. Plastic containers and bottles are non-biodegradable items.

5. Buy Local Items

Looking for souvenirs? If you do, look for local items that are made from Mother Nature. For example, beautifully crafted and usable pencil made from used woods or what was left of it. These tiny little things are not only great as souvenirs but they are lovely as giveaway present packs.

6. Travel Responsibly

To travel responsibly is to make sure you obey the most common law everywhere in the world. And that is DO NOT LITTER. Other than that, you must not be IGNORANT too. Some dustbin is divided into three sections you need to read the label carefully. Different rubbish category must be dropped into its respective category.

7. Do A Little Bit of Farming

If you do happen to have the chance to stay in a place that is known as Homestay, this will be a good chance for you to do a little bit of something. Some Homestays do have farming activities. Now get out there and do little bit of farming. It will be fun!

8. Travel Light

Bring only what you must bring. It is not like you are moving your house or anything. Less weight means less pollution. Carrying more luggages with you means your plane or car will have to consume more fuel. More fuel means more carbon dioxide emits from the transportation.

9. Eat Green

Green and fresh vegetables serve on your menu is not only good for health. By eating green or something that is more natural it means you are reducing energy consumption. Such restaurants tend to have more organic menus such as vegetables and fruits.

10. Stay in Green Hotels

Green eco-friendly hotel is what you might be looking for. Green hotels tend to use a lot of recycled products. Each time whenever normal hotels replaced a new bottle of shampoo or soap, they are spending more energy to produce it indirectly. Think of the fuel consumption from factories outlet that produces shampoo which was then delivered to hotels.

There you have it, the 10 Tips on how to be an Eco Green Traveler. Always do bear in mind the earth is a living planet. Energy consumption will indirectly reduce the life span of earth. Not forgetting, once you start out as a Green Traveler, not only you are doing a favour to the whole world but, you are a hero without superpowers that save the world, the environment and humankind. One man, can make a lot of differences than none at all. Happy Travel!

How to Be Green Traveler

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