New Airline Taking over MAS & Firefly

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MAS staff against move to form new airline

SUBANG JAYA: Three workers’ unions within Malaysia Airlines claim that over 80% of MAS staff will move over to the new airline Sapphire that is to be set up under the new MAS-AirAsia deal.

Malaysian Airlines System Employees’ Union (Maseu) is worried that the move could affect the strength of the unions within the national carrier.

It was reported that Sapphire would take over regional jet operations from MAS and Firefly.

“The affected staff could lose their seniority as well as other benefits tied to their length of service with MAS. Maseu will also be weakened by this transfer,” Ab Malek told a press conference yesterday.

He said there was no need for another airline as MAS could have two sections taking care of international and domestic flights.

“MAS is the oldest airline in Malay­sia. There is no reason for not making a lasting profit,” Ab Malek said, adding that the Government should revamp the entire management.

Maseu, Airline Workers Union of Sarawak and Air Transport Workers Union of Sabah announced that they would picket if Sapphire was established.


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The Top 7 Secrets of How to get the Cheapest Air Travel Fare

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Best Real Deal

Best Real Deal

My friend just told me that she bought the cheap low cost carrier promotion fare sometime back but now ended up paying more because she could not go on the designated date and had to change the date. She bought the ticket 6 months ago. So i asked her, “So how much did you end up paying it for?” she replied, “A few hundred RMextra.” The best part is the ticket is now even more expensive than if she had made a fresh new booking.

So the question is, “How do we make the best of all this low cost carrier promotion” without compromising our money purse?”

Firstly, if you are not 100% sure if you are able to fly on the coming date to your desired destination, DON’T BUY even if the airline has a dirt cheap fare. This is because you will end up with more headache later in trying to change the date or trying to reclaim back the airport taxes. Confirm and purchase only if you are 100% definite that you are able to make it on the trip for the desired date.

Secondly, the cheapest time to fly is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekend rates tend to be higher.

Thirdly, there is a recent trend that when one airline launches an airfare promotion on Monday, other airlines tend to join in to share a piece of the pie. All of them wants your business, your hard earned money. So Tuesday is the best time to buy air-tickets for lowest fare.

Fourthly, subscribe to Airfare alerts of your favourite airline. Join their social media like Facebook and follow their Twitter to get firsthand knowledge of their latest offer. They usually have exclusive offers just for their members.

Fifth, if you are planning to go to Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur or Singapore or any city for shopping, don’t under-estimate your checked in luggage. It is better to pay for at least 20kgs online than have over-weighed baggage at checked in counter and pay for excess baggages as the rate is twice from that if you purchased online. The other trick is of course, to send back some of your stuff either by slow air mail or sea mail instead of paying high charges to the airlines.

Sixth, if you are on short travelling trip. Pack simple and carry no checked in luggage. ( I for one cannot do without checked in luggages)

Seventh, is seat selection really necessary? Just sit at whichever seat assigned to you and once you are inside the plane and on air, then just try to go for any of the empty seats available, seats that are not premium nor hot seat.

Well, hope the above pointers help. Sometimes cheap does not really mean cheap if you do not know what to do but it could mean substantial savings if you know what to do.

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How to get to Miri city?

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If you are planning a trip to Miri and right now, you are still residing overseas, I would recommend that you book your flight to either Kuching city or to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There are flights from these cities to Miri city.

If you are travelling from Singapore, the good news is that now flies direct to Miri city from Singapore. All you need to do is to book online at

If you commute from Kuching, you can book online either at or or Malaysia Airlines at for flights  to Miri city. The journey by air takes less than 2 hours.

You may also travel by coach from Kuching. The trip takes around 13-15 hours with several pit-stops at several towns in between. The fare is around rm80 per way per person. The coach that I would recommend would be MTC because the coach made lesser number of pit stops compared to Biaramas coaches. The last time when I travelled with MTC, the whole journey took me 13 hours whilst the journey by Biaramas coach took us 15 hours to reach Miri city from Kuching. If you travel by coach from Sibu town, then the journey will be around 7 hours to reach Miri.

Alternatively, you may also try a speed boat ride with Expres Bahagia speed boat from Kuching to go to Miri.

Express Bahagia No.8 Speed Boat

Express Bahagia No.8 Speed Boat

Departure hall of Kuching Port

Departure hall of Kuching Port

I took the speed boat ride once from Kuching to Sibu and it took me 5 hours to reach Sibu. Passengers will alight at their destination but the boat will move on to Miri. It is faster to travel by sea compared to travelling by land.

If you should decide to take the speed boat ride, do remember to bring along a sweater because the air-condition in the boat is usually at full blast and you will be freezing cold as you watch some Cantonese drama in the boat or you may also opt to sit at the open deck during the journey and enjoy the strong wind blowing against your face and a nice sun tan.

If you should come from Kota Kinabalu, there are direct flights to Miri city either by or or Malaysia Airlines, Another route is travel to Miri city from Brunei, the oil rich state by car.

From Miri, most tourists favourite destination would be Mulu caves and the Pinnacles. To reach Mulu from Miri, one has to book a flight from to get there or he can also fly direct to Mulu from Kuching with the same airline. Only MASwings airline flies to Mulu from Miri. Once you reach Mulu, you can easily go to niah caves.

Click for Miri city tour here >>

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