Nasi Lemak oh Nasi Lemak! Teh Tarik satu lagi

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I have always loved Nasi Lemak ever since I went to College to study in West Malaysia. It has always been most Malaysians staple morning breakfasts. Not only was it cheap back then but it was also very filling, with its sambal ( prawn paste), egg, anchovies, peanuts , cucumber and coconut rice of course all wrapped up in coconut leaves. Of course there are those pick and pay where you can have the choice of adding on curry chicken, or even fried chicken. We would eat our Nasi Lemak with a glass of Teh Tarik.

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik

Sometimes, when nasi lemak sellers tried to cut corners then you know as then the taste is not original anymore.

Someone recommended a new food stall right here in Kuching at Top 10 Café, Jalan Song, Kuching, as being the best in town, and so I did not hesitate to go check it out, and here below is my review of their Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

The Nasi Lemak was RM6.50 . It comes with prawn paste, coconut rice of course, peanuts, split and cleaned anchovies, cucumber, hard boiled egg and some curry chicken pieces.

Anchovies: Initially I was of course impressed with the anchovies, and I thought, Hey! No stalls or restaurants have ever used this smaller size anchovies and it is even split and cleaned. This smaller size anchovies actually cost more compared to the larger size anchovies. On top of that, it was also split and cleaned.

Egg: They only have hard boiled egg and not the fried eggs which may be to the preference of some people.

Prawn Paste: At first glance of the prawn paste ( sambal) , I instantly knew that the chillies had been blended using a machine instead of the traditional method of pounding the chillies which would take more time to prepare. As they used a blender to grind it, so the chillies became more refined, which means that you actually needed more chillies to make the same amount of prawn paste.  This is of course not to their advantage, as chillies are rather costly these days, but if time is of essence, then they could consider preparing the chillies ahead of time. Pounding it is still the best.

The taste of the prawn paste needs to be a bit sweet, spicy and salty. I am pleased to say that they fulfilled this criteria. Some nasi lemak seller put too much belacan ( dried prawn paste) into the mix causing it to be a bit salty. They must put some Tamarind juice and sugar into the prawn paste to give it that soury kick In your tongue and also an added sweetness for that oomph!

Curry Chicken: They gave a few pieces of cut chicken. It was all right, not too spicy, or else it would be fighting with the sambal prawn paste for your attention.


Portion: 7/10

Taste: 7/10

Value: 8.5 / 10

In conclusion, kudos to the owner for selling all Malaysians beloved Nasi Lemak, and I do hope they take notice of my review above. Keep going and let folks in Kuching have more variety of food for breakfasts.

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