Amazing Mulu Caves, Sarawak

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Below is an Honest Unbiased view of Mulu Caves

These magnificent caves are the main attraction in northern Sarawak, a Malaysian state in Borneo. The caves, nestled deep in the thick tropical jungle, were discovered by chance in the 1970’s by a local hunter. They boast the world’s largest cave passage, the world’s largest natural chamber and the longest cave in Southeast Asia. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna and the world famous caves, the Mulu National Park offers visitors an exhilarating jungle and cave experience that is unrivalled.

Four caves are open to the public. The walk from the park headquarters takes visitors over elevated planks through the jungle, allowing visitors a fantastic view of this dark green world. The first cave is Lang’s Cave, a breathtaking cave with amazing stalactite formations. Then there’s the Wind Cave, known for its cool breeze and strange calcite formations. A short distance away is the Clearwater Cave, an impressive cave that is reputed to be Southeast Asia’s longest (with 107 kilometers of passages). The cave derives its name from the crystal-clear water of the river that runs through it; with a diameter of up to 30 meters, this is one of the largest underground river passages known. The most awesome of the four caves is undoubtedly Deer Cave. The immense dimensions of this cave is difficult to describe or to film. With a length of 2 kilometers, a width of 170 meters and a height of 120 meters, this is the largest cave passage in the world. It is an awe-inspiring experience to walk through the cave from one end to another. The cave is so enormous, it houses its own little eco-system replete with hills, valleys, creeks, forests and swamps. The cave is also home to millions of bats who fly out in a single stream each day at 6pm in search of food; a spectacular sight that lasts about an hour from head to tail!

If you do plan a visit to this park, the easiest way to get there is a short 20-minute flight from the town of Miri. The best part about the flight is if weather permits, the pilot obliges the passengers with a low swoop over the stunning Pinnacles, a series of jagged limestone spikes, some 45 meters tall, that protrude majestically from the flanks of Mount Api. A truly amazing sight!

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