Santubong Homestay Hari Raya Gathering, an upcoming signature product for Sarawak

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The State and Federal Ministry of Tourism together with Santubong Homestay, had organized a Hari Raya Gathering to bring together homestay operators and tourism agencies on the 24 August 2013.  The gathering was also organized to allow homestay operators to promote their products and also to forge a network together with tourism companies and agencies that were present together in that time.
The organization of Sarawak Homestay Operators was officially launched on 25 August 2012 and the objective of the founding was to guide the homestay operators to increase their quality, quantity and also their exposure. Up to now, there are more than 30 villages and longhouses in Sarawak that are registered with the Ministry of Tourism.
time schedule

event time schedule

During the Hari Raya Gathering, other than the handicrafts which were displayed at the entrance, there are also various performances such as a comedy skit, a skit on the Malay wedding ceremony, a ceremony on the cutting of Hari Raya pulut, and other performance art such as dances, singing and Sarawakian Malay Gendang. The main objective of the gathering was to promote the organization and the event will be broadcast on the internet ie YouTube, Facebook and various other social media platform, and also in different languages. The product will be made a signature product for the homestay organization.
Malay wedding gown red

Malay wedding gown red

wedding gown Malay

white Malay wedding gown

Malay wedding gown black

Malay wedding gown black

Malay wedding gown red top

Malay wedding gown red

This year, the operators of Homestay in Sarawak are expected to have an increase in income. This is following the federal government allocation of RM5.6 million into the upgrading of homestay facilities in the state.
One of the emphases made during the event was the security and hygiene of each homestay to prevent unwanted incidents. Besides that, homestay operators are also encouraged to keep records of their guest to make things easier for the homestay operator and the guest. This is to allow tourists who plan to stay at the homestay to feel safe and secure thus allowing the homestay to be rated and gain more customers in the future. Tourists of various nationalities attended the event. They are from Africa, Korean, Australian, UK, Canada, Philippines, Bangladesh etc.
Homestay operators in Sarawak are expected to do better this year. With an income amounting to 1 million by 28 homestays last year, the income generated this year would hopefully be bigger with the help of the federal government in funding the upgrading of their facilities.
Malay wedding ceremony

Malay wedding ceremony

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Rainforest World Craft Bazaar continues to shine

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SANTUBONG: The Rainforest World Craft Bazaar (RWCB) was a big hit among locals, especially female entrepreneurs, judging by both the crowd and gamut of goods sold during the 3-day extravaganza.

Among those participating at the RWCB, which was held in conjunction with the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2011, were four entrepreneurs sponsored by the Women’s Bureau of the Chief Minister’s Department.

The group’s representative Amal Hussain said this was the first time they participated in RWCB and they were thrilled to bits with the response from festival-goers.

“There are always customers at our booths and tourists just love our local handicrafts,” he said.

Amal said that he and his female friends did not want to miss the good business opportunity provided by the Women’s Bureau to promote their goods.

Among items sold at the bazaar were ceramics, traditional costume jewellery from various local ethnic groups and cakes.

“Most of the things we sold were purchased by foreign tourists because they said they wanted something that reflects the beautiful Sarawak culture.”

Local entrepreneurs sponsored by Women’s Bureau yesterday were Kecobong Qurnia Resources (accessories), Noorhajiah Osman (keringkam), Sarawak Indian Women Association (henna art) and Borneo Ceramic (ceramic-based products).

Besides local entreprenuers, RWCB was also participated by entrepreneurs from Africa, Sabah and Indonesia.

At its final day yesterday, exhibition and product booths were packed with visitors. Everyone seemed to be rushing for pottery, airbrush tattoo, food and drinks and even the dance workshops.


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