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Singapore Oh Singapore! Most Malaysians staple meal is Chicken Rice , it can be Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Chicken Rice, Nasi Ayam Goreng and etc.

It is because of this love for Chicken Rice, that SCR restaurant ( Singapore chicken rice shop) has trived for so many years expanding all the way to countries around Asia. SCR is a chicken rice fast-food restaurant and Halal family restaurant chain in Malaysia, originating in Sarawak.

Singapore Chicken Rice shops can be found in most towns, cities and streets. However, because there are too much competition around, that Singapore SCR decided to now open up adifferent concept, it Singapore Food Street.

Singapore Food Street Restaurant in Kuching

Singapore Food Street Restaurant in Kuching

The first one opened in Precinct 88, Jalan Song, Kuching. We decided to go check it out. This same place was previously SCR restaurant but they had invested some money to renovate the place up. Tables are set up all around the walkway of the shop . They had also renovated the first floor restaurant. The place is clean and pleasant, it being still new. There are enough staff to cater to your whims.

As we browsed through the menu, we saw that this time the variety of food served are much more limited compared to the former SCR. All its food has Singapore influence to it. Here is a list of some of the dishes.

Singapore Style Claypot Rice: RM8.40

Singapore Style Mee Siam: RM6.90

Rendang Lamb Rice: RM11.70

Singapore Style Nasi Lemak (Wing/Drum) RM7.90

Dumpling Soup: RM5.00

Minced Meat Noodle: RM5.90

Lemon Grass Chicken: RM10.90

Roasted Duck Rice: RM8.90

Steamed/ Fried Chicken Rice: RM7.10

Singapore Food Street menu in Kuching

Singapore Food Street menu in Kuching

There are also a variety type of drinks, some could set you back by about RM5.00.

we both ordered a plate of duck rice. The meal was all right. Nothing spectacular.

Duck: Meat is tender and tasty. 7/10
Rice: Very nice bite, and balanced, not bland. 7/10
Sauce: Thick and salty as it should be . 8/10

We also ordered a cup of lemon grass jelly. It tasted so-so only. We would give it a 5/10. There are also some dimsum dishes on menu but was not available when we were there. They also have a variety of toasted bread.

On the whole, the meal was satisfying but not great. Actually, we were just wondering why Singapore Food Street opened up such a concept in this area, because there are just so many cafes nearby from air-cond to non air-cond serving similar type of dishes. I guess the owner feels that there is opportunity in midst of competition. Kuching folks are surely spoilt for choice of where to go for their next meal.

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