Reasons to stay at Tune Hotel Bintulu, Sarawak

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Why pay more when you can have 5 star sleeping experience at just 1 star price? Tune Hotel concept is having limited service hotels offering beds at very affordable prices by getting rid of costly full service extras that you just don’t need and should not have to pay for.

There are five reasons why you choose Tune Hotel Bintulu to stay. Firstly, the power shower high-pressured makes a shower so amazing that we do not want to quit showering. Secondly, King Koil 5 star beds with fluffy plush pillows, crisp cotton bed linen and a 250-thread count duvet. Third, central and convenient for guests to major shopping and food & beverage outlets just around the hotel. Fourth, daily housekeeping service is there to ensure the hotel are in clean environment for guests have pleasant stay. Fifth, 24-hour security to ensure guests are safe and accessibility to main lobby is limited to guests with room keycards after midnight.

Tune Hotel Bintulu

Tune Hotel Bintulu

Tune Hotel Bintulu is located at Assyakirin Commerce Square, near Medan Jaya. It’s strategically near two shopping outlets, Sing Kwong Supermarket and Farley Supermarket. Within the hotel compound are Ipoh Town Coffee Shop, Laundry Shop, Convenient Store and Terminal Lounge and Karaoke but restaurants available around the hotel are just walking distance only.

Tune Hotel Bintulu

The differences between Tune Hotel Bintulu and other Tune Hotels are that they provide each room with mineral water everyday, mini fridge, electric jug, a table, a chair and a mini cupboard. Tune Hotel Bintulu known as corporate hotel since most of the guests staying come for business trips since Bintulu is a place of oil and gas town.Image credit to Tune Hotel Bintulu

Tune Hotel Bintulu has much more bigger space compared to Tune Hotel Kuching. Tune Hotel Bintulu also has a lounge which is a pub cum karaoke. You may request rooms at the back roll for more quiet.

Lalaland Cafe and Lounge

Lalaland Cafe and Lounge

Image credit to Lalaland Cafe and Lounge

Just across the hotel, there is a chill out place called Lalaland Cafe and Lounge. This is a cafe with a mini bar for drinking of wine, liquor, beer and drinks to choose from. A nice atmosphere to hang out with buddies and family. You can chill up at the mini bar section while waiting for your dinner to be served. The cafe serves western cuisines such as steaks, salads, burgers and pastas with reasonable price.

Once you reach Bintulu, it is highly recommemded and you must not miss out trying the deep fried chicken feet at Spring Garden Cafe located at end of the town. Once you have tried, you may need to order another round as it’s the best in town and the shop is usually flooded with customers all the time. When the food is good, there’s always a price to pay, which is the waiting time.

Not far from Tune Hotel Bintulu, are the major attraction places. They are Tanjung Batu Beach, Taman Tumbina, Similajau National Park, Kampung Jepak, Bintulu Promenade, Council Negeri Memorial, Kuan Yin Tong Temple and Pasar Utama Bintulu with Pasar Tamu.

Having listed above reasons that Tune Hotel is worth staying, there is now no reason for you to not stay there given its great location and 5 star comfort. Happy Staying!

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