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I have not really been a fan of vegetarian food only because I would get hungry after a few hours of eating it. Anyway, so my relatives came and they are vegetarians. So we visited this vegetarian restaurant called Popular Vegetarian Restaurant located at Lot 151 – 152, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim 5A Kuching.

Popular Vegetarian’s 2013 competition team at Popular Vegetarian Restaurant

Popular Vegetarian’s 2013 competition team at Popular Vegetarian Restaurant

Image credit to Borneo Post

The name itself states that it is Popular, and I figured that this is because of marketing strategy, because if we do not know where to eat, we may ask, “ Which is a Popular Vegetarian Restaurant around Kuching city” ? So that in itself is mentioning the restaurant name already. In a way, if you have some knowledge of Google organic search, then this is called, Word of mouth organic search. Hmmnnn…

When we arrived, there were only 1 table of customers eating there.

So we ordered braised tofu, stir fried noodles with chicken ( made of gluten mind you), roasted duck , clear soup, and luo han zhai stir mixed vegetables cooked with fermented beancurd.

Here below is my review of this Popular Vegetarian Restaurant.

1st dish: Braised tofu: this braised tofu is not made of tofu but is made of fish ball flavour. It is firm and the sauce was quite typical, satisfying enough, but nothing great.

Taste: 6/ 10

2nd dish: Roasted duck

It came out beautifully displayed in square shapes, bright orangy colour with a side mayonnaise cream. My relatives said it tasted good but for me its just a mashed up of vegetables and mock meat coated with flour and deep fried. It did not trigger my taste bud. To the contrary, as I like heavier taste, it tasted quite bland to me.

Taste: 6/ 10

3rd dish: Clear herbal vegetable soup

The soup was quite delicious. I think if you are not into heavy taste, this herbal vegetable soup would suit you.

Taste: 7 /10

4th dish: Luo Han Zhai

This is my favourite dish at other restaurant. Over here, however, I find it bland. The chef needs to add in more fermented beancurd flavour to give the dish the oomph.

Taste: 5/ 10

Our bill came up to RM152.95. For an air-conditioned restaurant, I believe this is about the slightly higher market price.

In conclusion, there are not many vegetarian restaurants in Kuching, that is a proper air-cond place with nice decoration.Most vegetarian dishes are cooked the same way, and as most dishes are made of gluten, tofu, vegetables, etc I hate to say this but it all tasted the same to me.

The owner is a motivational speaker and he has his posters and certificates posted on the wall of his achievements as well. He also offered free vouchers for meals above RM98, where if you collect enough vouchers, you can claim free dish or dishes. The food may appeal to some vegetarian folks but I think the taste wise, there is still room for improvements. Good luck to Popular Vegetarian Restaurant Kuching.

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