Six Do’s and Don’ts When Taking a Budget Airline

I once was at an international airport overseas, at the security check point. I saw one man quarreling with the security officer because they refused to let him go through. He had with him a can of coke. Everyone knows that security these days do not allow bottles or cans that is not in a see through container to pass through. Other items like match boxes, lighter or items with sharp edges are not allowed too. This man was loud and angry over a can of coke but as far as the security is concerned, a “No” means “No”.

If you are taking a budget airline, here below are the Do’s and Don’ts:

1) Weigh your luggage before you leave the house. If your ticket does not have allowance for the check in luggage, ie. You have to pay for every kgs checked in, do check the weight first and know what to expect later. Some airports do not have the weighing scale at the lobby. You need to check your hand carry bags too to make sure that it does not exceed 7kgs. It saves you the stress when later you have to discard some of your items or check them in again later as you have exceeded the 7kgs allowable hand carry limit.

2) Be on time. My favorite budget airline is TigerAirways. I have taken flights where the flight took off slightly earlier if all passengers have already checked in. So please be on time.

3) No smoking is allowed in flight.

4) You are allowed only up to one liter of fluids in your carry-on luggage. All liquids must be in a clear, resealable plastic bag. One person one bag.

5) Belt up until the journey ends. Some people are always in such a hurry. The moment the plane lands, they would stood up immediately to retrieve their bags from the overhead compartment. Why are you in such a hurry? Please wait until the plane has stopped taxiing completely before you stood up, to avoid risking injuries to yourselves.

6) No durians or any other type of food please. I understand sometimes we bring food on board so as not to buy any food from the airline. If you already are flying to your destination at dirt cheap price, why not support the airline and spend a few more dollars to buy their food, drinks and souvenir. Let the crew earn some commission so they will be more motivated to serve your better.

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